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End of an Era – The Mighty Music Machine!
While sitting in my office in Los Angeles, I received an email from Jackie and Steve about the closing of the Chapel street Mighty Music Machine store and was immediately taken back—in two senses of the phrase, ‘taken back’ with sorrow for the end of an era, and ‘taken back’ in time, remembering the happiness that came as a result of their dedication to providing music that you could find nowhere else in Australia!
Even thousands of miles away from Melbourne, just the thought of not being able to walk into the store and get the low down from Steve about what’s new, and his recommendations based on his phenomenal taste in music, is heartbreaking. Every time I came back home to Melbourne, and no matter how much the place changed over time, one thing always remained the same –The Mighty Music Machine—always exactly where it’s been for years!  Thank God, we’ll still be able to find them on the net, but I still can’t help the sadness in my heart that I wont find them in that familiar place on Chapel Street.  As technology changes and re-defines how people get their music, the unfortunate impact has been felt at the local record store… first the death of records, replaced by CD’s and now the final blow, downloadable music from the internet.
While I was at the Grammy’s last night here is Los Angeles, I couldn’t help but think how most of this music was not available in Australia throughout the 80’s and 90’s, and it was really the dedication of Mighty Music that really made the impact of Black music possible down under.  Mighty Music was not only a sponsor of my many radio programs, magazines, and DJ’ing gig’s over the years, but was a source of  information, which in those days were equally as important as the records and CD’s!
Good luck Steve and Jackie with your new venture into the world of dot com’s, and thank you for your years of commitment to your loyal customers that depended on your products like the air we breathed.
Mighty Music on Chapel street may be gone soon…. But never forgotten!
Love always, your dedicated customer and friend,
Wayne Fernandez


Wow that's strange....! A whole universe gone in one fell swoop!
It's the way of the world I suppose but just the "symbol" of your shop and it's purpose has always meant a lot to me!
You will be missed!

Love Kate Ceberano


Thanks for the (musical) memories. Can’t see much changing as long as we can get to listen to new releases via your website. One thing that would be good is a regular update on music similar to past purchases. This would make scrolling through all new releases to pick the gems easier.

Good luck with the change in direction. (It makes sense. You know it does. – I’m [not] Sam Kechovich)

Steve Maddern
“The Zoo At Drysdale”


Hi Jackie and Steven
what sad and exciting news...
just wanted to say, I have greatly appreciated all your help with my collection of Jody Watley music...your shop has been a great part of my life and I wish you all the best ...see you online soon. with love Raph ...from Bendigo !!!


Hi Steven,
Just wanted to thank you and Mighty Music Machine for supporting my music and releases over the years and also for providing a great local retail outlet where I have sourced many great albums and vinyl releases myself.  Saturday and Sunday arvos will never be quite the same without a browse through the Mighty Music racks. Hats off to you for pushing through and re-inventing the business in these tough times of music retail.

All the best

Lance Ferguson (The Bamboos)


Wow - big news!!
Well I'm glad you're not closing altogether and wish you well with the next stage of your business.
I live in Singapore but always visit when I'm back, and in fact was already looking forward to the next one in March - not possible now:(. But even though I have ordered from you by post, probably your online model will suit me better at least, so thanks for setting it up.
I love the monthly newsletters, and your opinions and recommendations, so keep 'em coming!
best wishes


That is just so sad, my favorite little record store in the whole world.
I didnt know you were closing, so you are going online totally, at least that is something.

Will miss you when I am down in melb in march
I wish you guys all the very best,
Jan Smith, Byron Bay


Hey sad to hear you're closing. Good luck with the future, and thanks for all the music!

Best regards

Manon bis
568 Malvern Road
Hawksburn VIC 3142

T: 03 9530 9070
F: 03 9530 9079


Hi Jackie

I can’t believe you are closing that store. Such an institution!!!

Thanks again for your help.

NatBloom Cosmetics


Hi Jackie and Steve

Just back from Japan and catching up on my emails.
DEVASTATED how am I going to keep up the music standard here without my seasonal shopping-it’s worse than your fave fashion store closing!
Will see you before you close.

Samm Hetrel x


Good luck with your exciting new adventure.  I will miss not being able to drop in to your wonderful treasure trove but never fear, I will be reading your emails and visiting your website often.  Thanks for introducing me to so much fabulous music over the years.
Warmest regards


Dear Jackie & Steven,

Sad to read that your wonderful and edgy music store will close. Truly the end of an era. 

Look forward to your new mail order and e-commerce business and wish you the very best for the future.

Warm regards,


Oh! So sad, but I do understand.
I will miss visiting the store when I come to Melbourne - the recommendations made by your staff were always fantastic.
I'll keep an eye out for your website, please keep me on your mailing list!

(In Adelaide since 2000, MMM customer since 1997)


I know we at Creative Vibes would not have been possible without your love and passion! I wish you both all the best for the future because you deserve it !



Dear Jackie and Steven

I am so terribly sorry to hear you are closing shop.  But I do sincerely hope that your new business (or way of doing business!) is a success for you.  You have always put me onto the best deep house releases that nobody else has heard of, and have been so patient with my endless hours of questions and listening.  Thank you for everything, and best of luck to you both.  I look forward to continuing to do business with you in your new guise!
Kind regards


Hi Jackie,

So sorry to hear you are closing your Chapel Street store......end of an era!!

(Jennifer Keyte)


Don’t leave !! Yours was the only music store to come in , have a listen and a chat, and get great recommendations….



Hi Jackie & Steve,


Just wanted to pass on a big thankyou for the warm welcome extended to me today, it was great to be able to check out the releases in such a relaxed (and kid friendly) environment!


Thanks for the lift to the station too, really nice of you to do that!



Matt (and Hugh) :-)


Hi Steve and Jackie,


Thank you; I have just received a wonderful pile of cds from you!


You have a wonderful business, and I appreciate your calls and your eNewsletters.


Kind regards,



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