Mister Nice Guy
  • Genre:RNB
  • Released:08/11/2011
  • Label:Purpose Music
  • Price:$32.95
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Mister Nice Guy

Eric Roberson

On his latest studio album, R&B/Soul singer Eric Roberson may have labeled himself Mr. Nice Guy, but the album actually reinforces another unofficial title he's been known by for years: Best Indie Soul Artist. Mr. Nice Guy, released in the U.S. on Nov. 8, 2011, is a delight for anyone who's a fan of music with substance. Although the typical R&B staples of love and relationships are the meat and potatoes of the album, Erro differs from other artists in that his songs have an amount of intellectual depth that's absent from a lot of the cookie-cutter, generic R&B and Soul music out there today.

Track Listing

  • Mister Nice Guy2.57 
  • Strangers3.30 
  • Summertime Anthem (Featuring Chubb Rock)3.54 
  • Come With Me (Featuring The Ones ''Yaw And Khari Lemuel'')2.58 
  • Picture Perfect (Featuring Phonte) (Extended Version)5.53 
  • Fall5.20 
  • Shake Her Hand4.24 
  • The Magician3.36 
  • Love's Withdrawal (Featuring Omari Hardwick)5.37 
  • How Would I Feel? (Featuring Jean Baylor)4.20 
  • Talking Reckless4.17 
  • At The Same Time4.37 
  • Male Ego (Featuring Hezekiah)4.00 
  • Try Love4.01 
  • All For Me4.10 

Total running time: 63:34

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