So Frenchy So Chic 2012: The Unofficial soundtrack to the 2012 Alliance Francaise French Film Festival
  • Genre:World
  • Released:01/12/2011
  • Label:Cartell Music
  • Price:$36.95
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So Frenchy So Chic 2012: The Unofficial soundtrack to the 2012 Alliance Francaise French Film Festival

Various Artists

So Frenchy, So Chic 2012

Meet the modern face of French music.

Actually, French music has many different and fresh faces and the eighth volume of the much-loved

double album So Frenchy So Chic 2012 continues to be determined to take you somewhere new. So

pack your bag, because we're taking you on a delightful and delicious aural journey.

Curated by Melbourne-based label Cartell, the selections across these two discs are inspired by a

desire to create something different - a collection of music which pays homage to the great genres

and influences of French music, salutes the present and those artists who speak directly to us, all the

while giving us a hint of what might be to come.  With So Frenchy So Chic 2012, we've continued

our mission to explode any myths you have in mind about French music and even though we've

turned eight, our enthusiasm hasn't dulled.  France's music scene is one of Europe's most

vibrant and vital. Its influences aren't just from within its borders and it has become a melting pot of

languages and styles. What we might consider traditionally French has danced with, become cosy

or flat out gotten freaky with the sounds, rhythms and ideas riding north from the continent of Africa,

waltzing across from eastern Europe and coolly ambling down from Scandinavia.

Rapper Fefe's Miss Wesh Wesh Yo is one of the songs which exemplifies this perfectly - pop

sensibilities, smooth hip-hop and an uplifting vibe meld with soul and blues for an ideal summer

song. Or there's Les Zoufris Maracas, which gently combines some Jacques Brel, Seu Jorge, Cape

Verde and gypsy stylings in Et Ta Mere as is glides gently across your brow like a cool breeze.

Songs like No Way by Mariama and Camille's Mars is No Fun mimic the pop in our charts and

Cascadeur's Walker has a falsetto reminiscent of Jeff Buckley all the while retaining a flavour different

enough to turn heads. Then there's Nadeah Miranda's Exterminateur, which is all burlesque and

big top in its vibe right down to a trumpet's muffled whine. We The Evergreen share their driving Vintage

Car as it veers into calypso and then soars like a Coldplay classic.

It's also worth noting that because of all these influences, much of this music seems less likely to

confirm to everyday time signatures, making it even more beguiling and addictive. Plus whatever

instruments seem right on the night are de rigueur, whether it's something like a children's xylophone

(Black Eye Blues) or what sounds almost like percolating coffee in the beginning of Mustang's

La Princesse au Petit Pois as they get a little western.  French-Finnish duo The Do showcase two tracks -

Too Insistent and Gonna Be Sick. The multiinstrumentalists have already hit No 1 at home with

their new album and the dizzying Gonna Be Sick has been picked up by Triple J on their quest to

spread the word across the globe.  In the tradition of great female voices L'homme a la

Peau Musicale is a whispery and gorgeously wrought piece from Daphne. The drama ramps up with

Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws on The Fade Out Line as the singer's eerie commanding voice fronts

minimal instrumentation forcing you to concentrate on nothing else right until it fades in chorus.

Across 28 tracks there's a good balance of songs sung in English, French and a number of other

languages the well-travelled will recognise; all promising the musical adventure will be a very

cool one.  It will also leave you in little doubt that French music is no longer a euphemism for Parisian postcard

images but is now a truly multicultural experience taking in influences from far and wide.

We hope you find some new favourites! 

Track Listing

  • Claire Denamur - Bang Bang Bang3.46 
  • Moriarty - I Will Do3.35 
  • Abd Al Malik - Ma jolie 2.56 
  • Ornette – Crazy2.56 
  • The Shoes – Wastin’ time3.47 
  • Zaza Fournier – Comme il est doux3.16 
  • Bertrand Belin - La chaleur3.58 
  • Mansfield. Tya – Cavaliers2.33 
  • Nadeah Miranda – Exterminateur2.54 
  • The Do – Gonna be sick4.08 
  • Revolver – Wind song3.18 
  • L – Jalouse3.15 
  • Julien Dore - Kiss me forever3.02 
  • Meringue, alcohol and us - Black Eye Blues2.52 
  • Camille - Mars is no fun2.36 
  • Les Zoufris Maracas - Et ta mere2.49 
  • Mariama - No way3.27 
  • Fefe - Miss Wesh Wesh Yo3.30 
  • Daphne - L'homme a la peau musicale2.35 
  • The Do - Too Insistent3.29 
  • Mustang - La princesse au petit pois3.31 
  • Cascadeur - Walker 4.28 
  • Le Prince Miaou - J’ai deux yeux2.43 
  • Arnold Turboust & Barbara Carlotti – Mon bel oiseau3.25 
  • We were Evergreen – Vintage Car4.23 
  • Phoebe Killdeer & the Short Straws – The fade out line 3.31 
  • Naif - Goute moi3.10 
  • FM Laeti - Rise In the Sun3.28 

Total running time: 93:21

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