In Flight Entertainment
  • Genre:Dance
  • Released:08/11/2011
  • Label:Eskimo Recordings
  • Price:$34.95
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In Flight Entertainment


In Flight Entertainment takes the same aesthetics developed on these unofficial mixes and puts them on a compilation backed by prestigious Belgian imprint Eskimo.

For this In Flight Entertainment selection, De Vito has asked numerous friends to provide him with exclusive cuts, and the mix goes a long way toward proving just how much vitality still remains on the nu-disco scene. For instance, Poolside's "Take Me Home" and newcomer duo Bxentric's "Foolishness (Vocodub Mix)" both propose nice slices of salacious Balearica, while Herr Styler vaguely Orientalist arrangements on "Zero Ghosts Out the Door" impose an intriguing twist to the genre's own Eurocentric tropes. In addition, someone like Drop Out Orchestra offers a well-orchestrated disco pastiche ("It Will Never Be the Same Again") that is both skilful and immediate. The same can be said about the cleverly named Stars on 33: their "Something You Can Feel" is classically trained disco that is part Escort, part Lullabies in the Dark.

In terms of selection, In Flight Entertainment is fresh and underground in the best sense of the word. It never has a dull moment, and it oozes creativity and an overall sense of unadulterated glee. The mixing skills displayed here might be functional at best (no awkward transitions, but no daring superposition or intricate in-key sewing either), but that only serves to enhance the attention given by De Vito to the music itself. 

NME: Off-kilter house, funk and exotic pop

Track Listing

  • Poolside - Take Me Home 4.43 
  • Bxentric - Foolishness (Vocodub Mix) 4.10 
  • Herr Styler - Zero Ghosts Out The Door 3.18 
  • Drop Out Orchestra - It Will Never Be The Same Again 4.21 
  • Martin Dubka - Through Thorns To The Stars 5.27 
  • Stars On 33 - Something You Can Feel 5.01 
  • Aeroplane - Save Me Now 4.39 
  • Kolombo feat. Michael Parker - Daylight 4.14 
  • RipTide - Sophie5.17 
  • Cosmonauts - Snakes Head 5.25 
  • Oliver - Memories Of The Future 4.43 
  • James Curd feat. Devin Byrnes - Let's Burn It All 5.03 
  • Moonlight Matters - Say A Lot5.12 

Total running time: 61:33

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