Shanghai Lounge 6: The Finest Lounge Music
  • Genre:Lounge
  • Released:21/10/2011
  • Label:High Note Records
  • Price:$29.95
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Shanghai Lounge 6: The Finest Lounge Music

Various Artists

As a cultural and economic hub, Shanghai's rich cultural landscape is a melting pot that reflects the simplicity and elegance of oriental esthetics and a modern style inspired by the world at large. After a nearly three-year wait, Shanghai Lounge 6 will once again bring together a mesmerizing collection of lounge music from across the globe and bring out the beauty of this oriental pearl. CD1 Lounge Edition opens with a modern lounge number brimming in retro appeal by Austria's Wolf Myer Orchestra and soul diva Lilith, thereafter, indulge in the romantic melodies co-composed by German nu-jazz group and British singer Iain Mackenzie, the sultry and alluring trip hip of Amsterdam group Adani & Wolf, Merge of Equals' ethereal charm, Kraak & Smaak's elegant electronic funk beats, Mathieu Hobiere's reggae style and the crystal clear downtempo flavor of Minus 8, all of which lend a dash of passion and color to Shanghai. Sailing deeper into the quiet city night upon CD2 Chill Edition, we will be greeted by the likes of maestros including Deja-Move, Smoma, Polar Rundfunk, Djako, Hideo Kobayashi and Aleksey Beloozerov. Their blend of gentle movements express shades of downtempo, ambient, chillout and house, sensuously soothing and exhibiting modern elegance, they seamlessly create the musical prowess that envelops this city.

Track Listing

  • Wolf Myer Orchestra feat. Lilith - Soulgate3.36 
  • Jojo Effect feat. Iain Mackenzie - Count On Me4.01 
  • Eileen Hunter - When In Rome4.22 
  • Adani & Wolf - Don't Be Afraid Of Me 6.09 
  • Merge Of Equals - As One5.53 
  • Kraak & Smaak feat. Lex Empress - Call Up To Heaven4.46 
  • Jun - Corner Of Your Room4.19 
  • Mathieu Hobiere - High On You4.40 
  • Tontelas feat. Ski - Lost It All 4.35 
  • Barriere - You'll Be Mine5.17 
  • Blade & Masquenada Family feat. Noel Mccalla - Gulity Of Love4.05 
  • Minus 8 feat. Sitta - Soverato (Long Vocal Version)5.12 
  • Agq - Lights Dimming3.03 
  • Ronny Morris - Windows (Ganga Mix)4.20 
  • Adani & Wolf - Your Bring Me Down4.41 
  • The Diventa Project - Bang Bang (Chillout Mix)5.28 
  • Deja-Move feat. Nneka - It's All Up4.20 
  • Rhodescreen - Explorer3.40 
  • Smoma - Give Me The Night (Chill Out Version)5.10 
  • Petrol - Fame4.39 
  • Polar Rundfunk feat. Annemarie Zimakoff - Deal With The Stars3.17 
  • Vargo feat. Dan Millman - Warriors (Clelia Felix Mix)4.26 
  • Djako - Fais Moi Plaisir Mon Cheri4.27 
  • Bruno From Ibiza - New Orleans (Spirit Of Love Mix)4.13 
  • Rodney Hunter feat. Martine-Nicole Rojina - Luna Park3.54 
  • Digital Aikemist - Black Ice4.08 
  • Plej feat. Joanna Wahlsten - Safe Place 3.46 
  • Aleksey Beloozerov - My Summer Day 7.48 
  • Hideo Kobayashi feat. Christa - Beautiful Moment (Original Floor Mix)6.39 
  • Bruno From Ibiza feat. Clara D - Golden Love4.37 

Total running time: 139:31

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