• Genre:Nu Jazz
  • Released:02/03/2012
  • Label:Chin Chin
  • Price:$34.95
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Club Des Belugas

German nu-jazz project Club Des Belugas drop their sixth album, Forward, with a host of guest singers on board for this silky smooth voyage through jazz hooks and downtempo beats. "Straight To Memphis" for example sees main men Maxim Illion and Kitty The Bill explore a Nina Simone-esque swing, while "Peanut Vendor" evokes the big band bop of exotica artists like Esquivel mixed with a South American bounce. A very enjoyable mix of songs that take in everything from lounge jazz to rootsy, bluesy stomps.

Feat. Anita O'Day, Anna-Luca, Anne Schnell, Bajka, Brenda Boykin, Ester Rada, Iain Mackenzie, Jen Kearney 

Track Listing

  • Save A Little Love For Me 3.32 
  • Straight To Memphis 5.15 
  • Peanut Vendor (Club Des Belugas Remix) - Anita O'Day3.43 
  • All Aboard 4.15 
  • Forward 3.37 
  • Desperately Trying (Swing Mix) 3.47 
  • Close Your Eyes 4.11 
  • I Shouldn't I Wouldn't (Club Des Belugas Remix) - Jojo Effect 3.52 
  • The Beat Is Rhythm 4.28 
  • Dat Thang 4.01 
  • Posing 3.23 
  • The Hunting (Club Des Belugas Remix) - Bajka 4.02 
  • Sweet Lovin' 3.39 
  • Ocean Cruise 4.10 
  • Is This Real 4.22 
  • Glorious Beach Livin' 3.36 

Total running time: 63:53

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