Listen and Wait
  • Genre:Pop
  • Released:24/02/2012
  • Label:Chin Chin
  • Price:$19.95
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Listen and Wait

Anna Luca

The Club Des Belugas singer songwriter meets jazz and triphop

As the American jazz scene continues to dull, gathering its many shriveled variants into one bucket (labeled New York City), the International Jazz Scene continues to grow, producing new and exciting talent each year-from the Netherlands to Australia, the "most American art form" is finding vital restoration overseas. Anna Luca is one such act, a Swedish/German singer/songwriter and veteran of Nu jazz act Club Des Belugas. Listen and Wait marks her first solo effort, an incredibly luminous and variegated work. She sings of one-night-stands, wanderlust, love and loss 

Track Listing

  • Beautiful Dawn 4.20 
  • Miracle Of Love 3.58 
  • Listen And Wait 3.19 
  • Everything I've Got In My Pocket 4.01 
  • Old Fellow Fear 5.12 
  • Collecting Pieces 2.41 
  • You Can Keep What's Yours And I Will Keep What's Mine4.49 
  • Someone Who Moves My Feet 4.23 
  • Love Me Quietly 4.07 
  • First Class Suicide 4.58 
  • Your Girl 5.07 
  • Cigarettes And Wine 7.55 

Total running time: 54:50

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