All Of Me
  • Genre:RNB
  • Released:28/02/2012
  • Label:Atlantic Records
  • Price:$28.95
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All Of Me


"I'm not of-the-moment. I am a classic, yeah, I live at the MoMA," Estelle says in "The Life", the opening song from her new album All of Me. The UK rapper/singer intends this as a boast, of course, but it also highlights a key difference between her and most of the other women in her field. Which is to say, in a genre where a certain amount of flash has come to be expected, Estelle is decidedly un-flashy. She raps and sings well but doesn't rely on quirk or theatrics. She incorporates styles from reggae to boom-bap into her songs, but doesn't try to forge weird new genre hybrids. She sings about grown-up stuff like personal contentment and finding clarity after a break-up. For lack of a better term, she's normal.

She's focused more on hitmaking than crafting a cohesive album statement.  

Most tracks here make no bones about aiming straight for the radio. Choruses are airy and open, melodies are sticky and straightforward and tend to lodge in your head with or without your approval. The Banner contribution "International" brings Estelle's reggae instincts together with American bass punch, roping in R&B Lotharios Chris Brown and Trey Songz for the hook. It's big and effective. The sunny "Wonderful Life" is the stuff of romantic comedy trailers but isn't cloying; "Back to Love" sounds like a Coldplay song in the best possible way. These are tracks built for repeat play across multiple formats. Lyrically they aren't bad, either. Estelle can come off restrained at times, but the best material finds her managing love and loss like a responsible adult.  

Track Listing

  • The Life 3.29 
  • International (Serious) feat. Chris Brown and Trey Songz3.57 
  • You And I 0.39 
  • Love The Way We Used To3.34 
  • Cold Crush 3.20 
  • Don't Break It 1.17 
  • Break My Heart (feat. Rick Ross) 4.18 
  • Thank You 4.12 
  • Who We Are 1.03 
  • Wonderful Life 3.32 
  • Found My Way... 0.26 
  • Back To Love 3.48 
  • Blue Skies 0.20 
  • Speak Ya Mind 4.29 
  • Do My Thing (feat. Janelle Monae) 3.28 

Total running time: 41:52

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