• Genre:Pop
  • Released:24/02/2012
  • Label:Universal Music France
  • Price:$21.95
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Coeur De Pirate

Coeur de Pirate's Blonde is a lot of things. It's soft, exotic strings accompanied by passionate lyrics. It's knee bopping beats and Montrealer Beatrice Martin's greatest exploit. There are obvious hints of influence from Martin's side project with Bedouin Soundclash frontman Jay Malinowski, Armistice.

The quirky marichi band infusions on certain songs are tasteful, and fold into the piano, strings, and percussions gracefully, and doesn't alienate the seductive piano and guitar of songs like Place de la Republique and Petite Mort. The rolling drum and bass isn't overwhelming, and the addition of tinkling piano helps hold together the album as a strong and cohesive follow-up album.

The first single off the album, Adieu, is a good introduction to the general direction that Blonde takes. There is a distinctly retro vibe going on, and I love it.

French Import Cd

Track Listing

  • Leve les voiles 1.13 
  • Adieu 2.28 
  • Danse et danse 3.10 
  • Golden Baby 3.07 
  • Ava 3.17 
  • Loin d'ici 2.44 
  • Les amours devouees 2.28 
  • Place de la Republique 4.11 
  • Cap diamant 2.43 
  • Verseau 3.54 
  • Saint-Laurent 3.15 
  • La petite mort 3.45 

Total running time: 36:15

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