Ibiza Sundowner presented by Jose Padilla
  • Genre:Chillout
  • Released:26/06/2012
  • Label:EMI
  • Price:$42.95
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Ibiza Sundowner presented by Jose Padilla

Various Artists

Ibiza stands for the ocean, beaches, world-class DJs and - of course - the legendary Cafee del Mar. The latter is well known for the breathtaking sunset down by the bay of Cala des Moro. Josee Padilla, resident DJ at Cafe del Mar and the man behind the legendary compilation-series, is now working on "Ibiza Sundowner presented by Jose Padilla", in where he presents the very best of chill-out music on two CDs. Not only featuring artists such as Silent Poets with their "(There's Always) Meaning In The Tone" and Peter Broderick with his "Solace In Gala", but also with the exclusive track "Ocean Drum" from Josee Padillas' latest album.

CD 1
Less is more...and proves to be right. This compilation opens with Lazar Cezars "Fri1911", with a calm-paced minimalistic sound that brings your heart rate to a slow groove. Robert Glasper gives a highly decelerated version of the Nirvana-classic "Smells Like Teen Spirit", while Lems takes you to dreamland with the dreamy melody of "Siki". If you suspect that "Spartacus" by INO hidefumi is primitive and aggressive you can't be more wrong - the gentle percussion together with the airy sound from the claves takes you far away from everyday-stress.

CD 2 - Acoustic dream-beach feeling
CD 2 starts with "Omamiuda" by Joaquin Joe Claussell, a pleasant blend of jazz and relaxation. "Starless II" by Craig Armstrong makes everything seem weightless, "Kaleidoscopic Ecstasy" by Space Dimension Controller blends a potpourri of acoustic sounds and "Zumurud" from Mich Gerber adds an oriental touch to the compilation. High-beat Balkan-sound can be found on Kroke's "Usual Happiness", while Ada provides a nice portion of Latin American salsa to the mix. Last but not least we find "Time For Tea" by Villa Nah, adding a set of strings to the track list.
José Padilla: "This is a great compilation. What I want to accomplish with these CDs is to revive the spirit that I reached with the Cafe del Mar-records back then. A CD you can listen to today, tomorrow or in five years from now - simply timeless! There is a lot of research and hard work - but also lots of love - put into this collection."

Track Listing

  • Lazar Cezar - Fri 191113.41 
  • Silent Poets - ThereÂís Always Meaning In The Tone7.08 
  • Jose Padilla - Ocean Drum5.03 
  • Commodity Place - Chenini6.08 
  • Chris Zippel - Voyage To Akturos7.44 
  • Seigen Ono - Julia4.35 
  • The Analog Roland Orchestra - 19484.47 
  • Robert Glasper - Smells Like Teen Spirit7.10 
  • Lems - Siki (Tsunenori Remix)4.47 
  • Ino Hidefumi - Spartacus4.04 
  • Cro-Magnon - Fading Eco (Instrumental)6.10 
  • Peter Broderick - Solace In Gala3.42 
  • Joe Claussell - Omamiuda10.27 
  • Antonio Adolfo - Side 1. Noticias do Verao3.29 
  • Nobuyuki Nakajima - Thinking Of You (NNÂís Dreamy Mix)6.14 
  • Craig Armstrong - Starless II4.32 
  • Space Dimension Controller - Kaleidoscopic Ecstasy4.21 
  • Portico Qartet - Ruins5.22 
  • Mich Gerber - Zumurud4.01 
  • Finis Africae - El Secreto de las 126.27 
  • Kroke - Usual Happiness5.41 
  • Jose Padilla feat. Kirsty Keatch - Helios4.39 
  • Ada - Likely3.32 
  • Adem - God Only Knows2.35 
  • Villa Nah - Time For Tea2.12 

Total running time: 138:31

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