Ku De Ta Bali Indonesia Volume 1
  • Genre:Dance
  • Released:04/10/2011
  • Label:Boudoir Musique
  • Price:$42.95
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Ku De Ta Bali Indonesia Volume 1

Various Artists

Let's face it, music is there to move us - emotionally and spiritually, but oftentimes it's more about moving to a specific time and place. Perhaps not physically, but I still can't listen to Barong music without feeling that I'm smoking a kretek in some kampung. With that in mind then, I could think of far worse places to be metaphorically transported to than the sun kissed emporium of chill that is Ku De Ta on our own little slice of beach heaven on Seminyak sands.

Compiled by annual resident knob twiddler Jim Breese and Ku De Ta's musical director BTK, Volume 1 is, by it's very name, the first in line of a series of upcoming compilations that aim to mix up the Ku vibes and slap them down on disk for our aural digestion. It's mission accomplished on that front then, with the pleasing mash up of Balearic, bossa, dreamy, jazzy, chillout and modern disco notes slipping down like a spoonful of honey right from the word go.

According to BTK himself, "The soundtrack of KDT is as important as the venue itself, and this new series strives to bring another level of audio excellence to our loyal following worldwide. We've carefully handpicked every track in this compilation to create a seamless blend of music that captures the essence of KU DE TA," he told the beat recently.

Seamless it is as well, as each track slips almost unnoticed into the next, subtly fading each genre in and out. Tracks such as the dreamy ‘Seaside' by Max Melvin and ‘Speck of Gold' by Afterlife standout as the epitome of cocktail chill, while Trio Mocoto's ‘Noa Adianta' and ‘Calling My Mermaid' by Mystic Diversions bring the Latino angle.

Holding a villa party or just need to wind down? Wherever in the world you might be, wedge this in your CD player and let the smooth sounds of Ku De Ta's newest sonic offering wash over you.

Track Listing

  • Nova Nova - Prisoner's Song (Extended Original Mix)5.57 
  • Sven Van Hees - Ocean Jive5.44 
  • Mystic Diversions - Calling My Mermaid2.58 
  • Max Melvin - Seaside6.00 
  • Trio Mocoto - Nao Adianta4.03 
  • Afterlife - Speck of Gold5.34 
  • Cantoma - Etoile4.45 
  • Digby Jones - Pina Colada5.20 
  • Forty4s feat. Aret - To Heaven3.30 
  • Fenomenon - Pacific Memories5.45 
  • Ganga Hi-Fi Love6.21 
  • Ultra Nate - Twisted6.39 
  • Antena - Camino Del Sol (Todd Terje Mix)6.06 
  • Kza - Routine5.32 
  • Chilly Gonzales - Knight Moves5.11 

Total running time: 79:25

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