Ku De Ta  Volume 2: Grand Theft Audio
  • Genre:Dance
  • Released:18/07/2012
  • Label:Boudoir Musique
  • Price:$42.95
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Ku De Ta Volume 2: Grand Theft Audio

Various Artists


Filled with the breathtaking beats of JIM BREESE and BTK, ‘Grand Theft Audio', Volume 2 in the bi-annual KU DE TA album series, has been lovingly constructed for KU DE TA's endless high season in 2012. Reflecting the effortlessly elegant, forward-thinking demeanor of Asia's leading lifestyle venue, Volume 2 offers fresh, cutting-edge tracks which artfully recreate a typical day at the iconic KU DE TA Bali.

Contemporary yet timeless productions make this installment an instant classic. From chill to melancholy, soul to funk, or even delightful disco, the collection pulses away with a subtle hand, blending the mix without distracting the individual tracks, guiding you on your sundrenched musical journey.

KU DE TA Volume 2 CD 'Grand Theft Audio' is exclusively sold at KU DE TA Boutique & Mighty Music Machine

Track Listing

  • Soft Rocks - Little Lights6.53 
  • Psychemagik - Valley of Paradise5.33 
  • Lou Teti - Shake (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)5.09 
  • Trujillo - Baby Your'e Still the Same4.57 
  • BTK feat. Dyanna Fearon - Ahora4.29 
  • Satin Jackets - Girl, Forever6.01 
  • Blank & Jones - Pura Vida3.35 
  • Rampi feat. Miss Bee - Feel it Burn (Mario Basanov Remix)5.11 
  • Poolside - Take Me Home4.57 
  • Novika - Miss Mood (Satin Jackets Remix)6.15 
  • Julius Papp & Lisa Shaw - Miracle (Smash Hunter Disco Soul Vocal Remix)5.42 
  • Lovebirds feat. Novika - This Time6.33 
  • Flight Facilities feat. Jess - Foreign Language (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)5.53 
  • Lovebirds feat. Stee Downes - Want You in My Soul7.28 

Total running time: 78:36

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