Back In The House
  • Genre:Dance
  • Released:27/08/2012
  • Label:Defected
  • Price:$34.95
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Back In The House

Dimitri From Paris

Every genre has their champions; artists who stand head and shoulders above the crowd, and in terms of the disco you don't get bigger than Dimitri from Paris; a modern-day maestro for the dancefloor generation. Dimitri is the antithesis of the modern-day stadium DJs who could sometimes to accused of caring more about the spectacle than about the music itself; a gentleman DJ with a fastidious attention to detail and unerring devotion to disco. "To me disco is the ultimate dance music" say Dimitri. "I am very close to the true disco feel because I feel that in dance music nothing better has been done. It's really the quintessential dance music sound and I stay true to it in different forms. Disco had a vibe going on and kind of a happy feeling that I feel is a little bit lost now."
Recapturing that ‘lost happiness' is at the core of his latest endeavour. Dimitri from Paris Back in the House exemplifies the Parisian DJ's vast musical knowledge and meticulous attention to detail, taking in records from across the broad spectrum of dance music and an exhaustive selection of Dimitri's influences, current favourite and legendary remixes.
On Dimitri from Paris Back in the House, the current is represented in records from cutting-edge, modern artists while the classic touch comes from true masters of their craft; the likes of Soul Clap, Miguel Campbell, Maceo Plex, Storm Queen rubbing shoulders with Kenny Dope, KC Flight and Marshall Jefferson, all blended together in Dimitri's inimitable style. Fittingly, Dimitri has the last word. "From the music selection to the artwork, there are details in here that you may not see at first glance that hopefully will make you enjoy this music package for a longer while. "Do trust that I made this for you as I would have for myself" he finishes. "May it stay by your side for a long time."

Track Listing

  • Take It Slow (Feat. Franceska) - Soul Clap 2.59 
  • Do You Believe - Poolside 2.41 
  • Love Saves The Day (Feat. Kathy Diamond) [Mario Basanov's Vocal Remake] - Kaine 4.16 
  • Stand Up (Tiger & Woods Remix) - Pitchben 4.15 
  • Kiss & Tell - Miguel Campbell 3.29 
  • Feel So Good Feat. Odille Lima (Extended 12" Disco Version) - Wagon Cookin' 2.50 
  • Look Right Through (Dimitri From Paris Erodiscomix) - Storm Queen 5.58 
  • Pretty Baby (Original) - Dimitri From Paris & Dj Rocca 3.21 
  • I Don't Know What To Do (Feat. Jeppe) [Original Club Mix] - The Magician Feat. Jeppe 4.15 
  • City Life (Feat. Cari Golden) [Maceo Plex Remix] - Dj T. 4.50 
  • I Wanna Dancer (Old School House Mix) - Faze Action 1.48 
  • It Goes On (Vox) - Storm Queen 4.23 
  • Pain - Fury 4.23 
  • Can't Leave You - Maceo Plex 5.24 
  • Front 2 Back (Kenny Dope Old Skool Remix) - Playgroup Feat. Kc Flightt 3.36 
  • Party People (Original Mix) - Deux 4.38 
  • Tobago - Jonas Rathsman 3.52 
  • Alley Cat (Instrumental Mix) - Volta Bureau 5.55 
  • Soul Power (Mktl [Master Kev & Tony Loreto] Club Mix) - Elz & Elise 4.51 
  • Tonight (Morgan Geist Remix) - The Kdms 2.38 
  • Searching (Mam Remix) - Webqueawry 1.50 
  • Rio - Mercury 2.25 
  • Sweetness - Mercury 3.08 
  • Domino Dancing (Feat. Tim Benton) [Dj Rocca Club Remix] - Dimitri From Paris & Dj Rocca 3.54 
  • It's Not Over (Dimitri From Paris Erodiscomix) - Holy Ghost! 4.24 
  • Stop Watching Me (Extended Mix) - Mauvais Cliche 3.12 
  • Warm - Loaded Dice 3.36 
  • The House Music Anthem (Move Your Body) (Terry Hunter Lower Wacker House Mix) - Marshall Jefferson Feat. Curtis Mcclain 5.01 
  • House Music (Original) - Kikumoto Allstars 2.33 
  • Let's Get Jazzy (Dope Dub Mix) - Kc Flightt 1.40 
  • Fire La Loca (Feat. Carlos Mena & Pablo Fierro) (Clean Mix) - Mr. V 4.20 
  • Sunflare (Moullinex Club Mix) - Moullinex 5.06 
  • Ero Disco Theme - Dimitri From Paris & Dj Rocca 4.04 
  • I Got You (Original Disco Version) - El Freakadell 4.34 
  • After You're Gone (Dimitri From Paris Remix) - Tyson 4.28 
  • Cochon Ville (Dimitri From Paris Erodiscomix) - Sebastien Tellier 5.43 
  • I Found Love (Dimitri From Paris & Dj Rocca Erodiscodub) - Midnight Magic & Tommie Sunshine 5.07 
  • Relight My Fire (Dimitri From Paris Remix) - Dan Hartman 8.17 

Total running time: 153:44

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