Never Leaves You
  • Genre:Dance
  • Released:21/09/2012
  • Label:GOGO Music
  • Price:$19.95
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Never Leaves You

Ralf Gum

Ralf GUM proves again with his new album that there is constancy - and consistency - to be found in this fast-moving world. His sound became an instantly recognizable trademark during the last two decades, as it cuts through the airwaves and clubs sound systems with unique class and style. "Never Leaves You" is testament to the fact that Ralf GUM has stayed true to his roots and his particular, well-honed style. Never one to skimp on the perfection of his arrangements, or sacrifice artful production to follow the latest trends, this album is his opus.

This new long-player showcases the growth of this incredible artist, who never compromised and never left his signature style. Ten songs in which there's much to hear and feel. The music abounds in soul; it's jaunty and deep simultaneously. Combining traditional and contemporary elements whilst still being futuristic, it's well crafted enough to "Never Leave You".

Blues & Soul (UK)

Never Leaves You presents something of a vocal house dream team, bringing together the heavenly tonsils of Kenny Bobien, Robert Owens, Monique Bingham and former Soul II Soul star Caron Wheeler among others. In the talented hands of German DJ-produer GUM that team compliments rather than counters an impressive, truly soulful collection of songs; vocals riding slick, funky rhythms and a wide array of often dazzling instruments to joyous effect. Bobien's unmistakeable falsetto slides supremely over stretches of brass on uplifting New Jersey groove The Only Way, Veda sounds more seductive than ever thanks to Do It For Love's deep, dreamy production and Bingham dances nimbly across album standout Take Me To My Love, with its infectious afro-lilt, warm, expressive keys and immaculate songcraft. There are further heartfelt performances from Zimbabwe's Oluhe (Linda) and Louie Vega collaborator Jocelyn Mathieu (Everything). Never Leaves You is a smooth, beautifully-crafted follow-up to GUM's 2008 debut album Uniting Music, emphatically demonstrating his ability to orchestrate soul-house goodness on the grandest possible scale. by Ben Lovett

Soul Survivors Magazine (UK)

"Kenny Bobien, Robert Owens, Caron Wheeler and Ralf GUM in the same musical sentence... is an equilibrium of a chillaxing, hypnotic and atmospheric 2012 aqua boogie soundtrack. Mellow as Steve Arrington's cello. Fantabulous!!" Da Buzzboy Fitzroy



Track Listing

  • Everything feat. Jocelyn Mathieu5.49 
  • Burning Star feat. Kafele7.54 
  • The Only Way feat. Kenny Bobien8.00 
  • Do It For Love feat. Jaidene Veda7.52 
  • Take Me To My Love feat. Monique Bingham8.28 
  • Linda feat. Oluhle7.29 
  • Fly Free feat. Robert Owens6.40 
  • So Good feat. Caron Wheeler6.50 
  • Greater Love feat. Kenny Bobien7.52 
  • Never feat. Jon Pierce & Kafele9.35 

Total running time: 76:29

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