Siddharta Spirit of Buddha-Bar 6: Dubai by Ravin
  • Genre:Chillout
  • Released:22/10/2012
  • Label:George V
  • Price:$36.95
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Siddharta Spirit of Buddha-Bar 6: Dubai by Ravin

Various Artists

Dubai Marina, September 2011.
Prestigious flagship of the?Luxury Collection Hotel?, Grosvenor House Dubai opens its second tower. One restaurant among all restaurants & bars is characterized by his luxurious, trendy and refined interior design - Siddharta Lounge. An exclusive style and knowhow, as well as state-of-the-art sound design signed by George V Records with melodies from all over the world mixed with freshly released remixes and bootlegs.
October 2012.
A year after the opening, Siddharta Lounge Dubai is still constantly packed and has set itself as the must-see lounge-bar-restaurant in Dubai. On the turntables, DJ Kolsey (former resident DJ of Buddha-Bar Paris) and Ravin (Buddha-Bar Paris) spin World Electronic tracks blended with modern versions of Rock and Pop classics. The Siddharta concept offers a new lease of life and has successfully stood the test of time, around the restaurant's pool of the same name.

Two years after Siddharta Budapest, George V Records comes back with a fresh and voluptuous opus.
On the menu, cover versions of songs, like Ennio Morricone's "Deborah's theme" revisited by Electro Blues, or Habanera de Carmen remixed by Promid. As for the new tracks, there are Stan Kolev, Rosa Lux, Nithin Sawhney...

Once again, the famous Lounge compilation?Siddharta?goes beyond the boundaries with spicy and mellifluous sounds coming from all across the world with a high-end music selection mixing tradition and sophistication and sets itself as the Buddha-Bar luxury and refinement standard.

Time to travel in delight once more taken by the legendary Buddha Bar Spirit...

Track Listing

  • Nitin Sawhney - DayDream1.49 
  • Parov Stelar - Milla's Dream3.40 
  • Buddha Sounds - Everything You Need (Drum & Dub) 4.23 
  • Haik Solar and Arni Rock - Tango With The Wind4.32 
  • Nickodemus - Under The Volcano (Jose Marquez Remix)5.44 
  • Anthypnic Flow - For You (Nikolas Gale Remix)6.13 
  • Promid - Deep Love (High & Mighty Remix)6.50 
  • Rosa Lux - Mafish Kedah feat. Basim Alansar 4.57 
  • Pacho & Pepo - Clarinete En Los Balcanes (Original Mix)5.16 
  • Sogno Zingaro - Sogno Zingaro 6.12 
  • Complexmode & Audioprophecy feat. Martina Govednik - Lovely Flight6.01 
  • Mahmut Orhan & Boral Kibil - Fringe7.52 
  • Aknael & Bekeela feat. Jane Maximova - Your Love6.35 
  • Triangle Sun - Beautiful (Original Version)6.37 

Total running time: 76:41

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