Tango & Beatles: The ElectroTango Songbook of The Fab Four
  • Genre:World
  • Released:11/09/2012
  • Label:Music Brokers Argentina
  • Price:$26.95
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Tango & Beatles: The ElectroTango Songbook of The Fab Four

Various Artists

Tango & Beatles is a very unique album. It is the fusion of the music of Buenos Aires and the cream of the repertoire of the Fab Four.
In Tango & Beatles we find innovative versions, full of seduction, that combine the freshness of the original songs with the melancholy of Buenos Aires.
In Tango & Beatles, Liverpool is just around the corner, very close to Abasto.

Track Listing

  • Michelle - Tango Tripping Project feat. Ituana3.03 
  • Dear Prudence - Le Griser feat. Dew4.28 
  • Come Together - Meloscience Corp.4.40 
  • Oh! Darling - Corcovado Frequency 3.32 
  • Something - Eve St. Jones 3.12 
  • Girl - DJ Style feat. KSS 3.52 
  • Strawberry Fields Forever - Quadra & Benjamin 3.28 
  • Eleanor Rigby - Supertangox feat. Ituana 3.08 
  • Free As A Bird - BossaTango Lounge Club 4.32 
  • Don't Let Me Down - Freedom Dub feat. Eduardo 3.36 
  • I Want You (She's So Heavy) - Scubba feat. Mandy Jones 5.46 
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Bossardo & Ecko 5.17 

Total running time: 48:34

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