In With Lassy
  • Genre:Nu Jazz
  • Released:12/12/2012
  • Label:Schema
  • Price:$39.95
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In With Lassy

Timo Lassy

A relaxed effort in the vein of the classic "cooking session" tradition of modern jazz.

That is, the band came in, took hold of the new tunes penned by Lassy and his trusty drummer/producer Teppo "Teddy Rok" Makynen, and fired on all cylinders.

The result? Some of the most swinging no-nonsense in your face and under your feet jazz you'll likely to hear this year or during most of the others.

No gimmicks needed here, this jazz is cooking.

Feat' Teppo Makynen, Antti Lotjonen, Georgios Kontrrafouris and Abdissa Assefa.

A hard swinging "cooking session" with Findland's top jazzmen.

Track Listing

  • Teddy The Sweeper6.11 
  • Shootin' Dice5.19 
  • Where's the Man?3.31 
  • Touch Red4.08 
  • It Could Be Better4.45 
  • Creole Stew4.26 
  • Uncle Harry Came To Town3.53 
  • The Good Life2.23 

Total running time: 34:36

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