Invisible Girl
  • Genre:Swing
  • Released:22/03/2013
  • Label:Etage Noir
  • Price:$39.95
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Invisible Girl

Parov Stelar Trio

PAROV STELAR presents "The Invisible Girl" a new highly anticipated album since the release of "The Princess" in 2012. The trio of Marcus Fureder continues its momentum by developing always with great talent style "Electro Jazz - Swing". Marcus aka Fureder PAROV STELAR began as a DJ, and has now become a real leader of the group that performs regularly on the biggest festivals in the world, as "Master of the Electro Swing scene." He offers us once again, a disc rich and colorful that it will be difficult to pass! For fans of: Caravan Palace, Wax Taylor, Chinese Man, Lyre Time ...


All good things come in threes, they say, and keeping that in mind it's hardly surprising that the undisputed king of electro swing Parov Stelar has joined forces with Jerry di Monza and Max the Sax, two live musicians that have been accompanying him on stages all over the world, to form the Parov Stelar Trio.

Their welcome gift to the world is a brand new album of ten songs, all of them rooting in the trio's powerful live performances - a fact that can not be overheard when listening through The Invisible Girl. "All aspects of melancholy are replaced by a lust for life in a raw, energetic and more direct style than one would normally expect from Parov Stelar." says the maestro himself, and he couldn't be more right about this: The Invisible Girl is funky as ever, but without any doubt directly aiming at the dancefloor.



Track Listing

  • La Calatrava3.59 
  • The Invisible Girl5.49 
  • Doctor Foo4.52 
  • Menage A Trois5.03 
  • The Fireface4.40 
  • At The Flamingo Bar2.50 
  • La Divina4.44 
  • Doctor Foo (Smooth Version)3.06 
  • Menage A Trois (Club Edit)5.11 
  • The Fireface (Club Edit)4.18 

Total running time: 44:32

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