Nothing Sweeta
  • Genre:Lounge
  • Released:16/11/2012
  • Label:Peacelounge Recordings
  • Price:$36.95
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Nothing Sweeta

Flamingo Star

For the title track, Matthias's old friends Ralf and Foh aka Mo'Horizons created an excellent "Hippie remix". The vocals belong to Jazz Diva Alison Degbe, formerly based in Cologne and now living in Munich. She and Matthias met over two years ago in the course of a peacelounge Label Event. Apparently they hit it off well, musically, because Miss Degbe ended up performing not just one, but four (and a ‘half') Songs on the album as a featured artist: Apart from "Nothing Sweeta",Alison lends her trademark voice to the ballad "There's A Place" and also sings the Blues-inspired "Leave Me Alone" as well as the midtempo jazz number "No More Trouble" and last, but not least - backing vocals for Rafael Wilke's happy summer song "Won't You Come Into My Life". Rafael sings another potential FS hit, namely "Cosmic Plan". This one takes off as a BlueEyed Soul-Pop-Ballad and - while airborne - the track evolves into a heavy grooving Vintage Funk-number. Another ‘old' musical companion and vocalist for Flamingo Star is Marco Hauburg, whose strong, soulful and versatile voice can be heard on "The Messengers", a massive space-funk downtempo track also featuring Matthias himself working the vocoder.

Track Listing

  • Nothing Sweeta (feat. Alison Degbe)3.31 
  • Saw a UFO 3.43 
  • Sooner or Later3.58 
  • There's a Place (feat. Alison Degbe)4.00 
  • The Messengers (feat. Marko Hauburg)4.31 
  • Lovely Dream 4.02 
  • Won't You Come Into My Life (feat. Rafael Wilke)3.51 
  • Un Poema Con Amor 4.13 
  • Leave Me Alone (feat. Alison Degbe)3.34 
  • You Don't Know 4.32 
  • No More Trouble (feat. Alison Degbe)4.52 
  • Syncrostar 6.11 
  • Cosmic Plan (feat. Rafael Wilke)5.35 
  • Cornelita 3.58 
  • Old Pictures 5.04 
  • Nothing Sweeta (Mo'Horizons Hippie Remix )4.25 

Total running time: 70:0

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