• Genre:Pop
  • Released:22/04/2013
  • Label:Atlantic Records
  • Price:$26.95
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Bankrupt! is the upcoming fifth studio album by the French alternative rock band Phoenix. The album will be released internationally by V2 Records on the week of April 22, 2013.

It seems as if Phoenix has returned to the sound of their first two albums while still incorporating elements of their indie-rock-Stroke-esque sound.

When Phoenix were attempting to figure out a title for their new album, they wanted something that represented the idea of pairing positive with negative - a central theme on the record - and were kicking around several phrases ... none of which really seemed to fit.

So, after apparently passing on titles like Lawsuit! or Death! they finally settled on Bankrupt! a word that, on its own, normally carries with it a rather, uh, negative connotation. But, with the addition of the exclamation point, it took on a whole new meaning. One that seemed strangely perfect for the songs contained on the album.

"We are fueled by the universe around us, those words they have this power, and we are always looking for things have not been used in popular music. So all these words that have this poetic power and this freshness, that are frightening and heroic, for us they are very magnetic," Brancowitz explained. "We looked for all the beautiful words, and we got bored; and then we looked for the frightening, powerful words, and then we got excited."

Track Listing

  • Entertainment 3.40 
  • The Real Thing 3.22 
  • S.O.S. In Bel Air 3.43 
  • Trying To Be Cool 3.48 
  • Bankrupt! 6.57 
  • Drakkar Noir 3.22 
  • Chloroform 4.04 
  • Don't3.16 
  • Bourgeois 4.53 
  • Oblique City 3.29 

Total running time: 40:34

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