One Hundred
  • Genre:Down-tempo
  • Released:13/03/2013
  • Label:Soular Productions
  • Price:$32.95
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One Hundred

DJ Sun

One Hundred stretches to 19 tracks, including a couple of remixes, but it all flows by in one richly textured groove layered with hip-hop, soul, funk, exotica, disco, reggae and a few surprises. Go listen for yourself. --Chris Gray, Houston Press

After experiencing his childhood in Holland and Suriname, DJ Sun's (real name Andre Sam-Sin) family relocated to Houston, where he lived the rest of his teenage years. Later on, DJ Sun occupied himself by starting up an acid jazz radio show, which had a clear influence on his music. His self-stated goal was to inform people about music they hadn t had a chance to listen to or experience in the past, due to cultural differences. One Hundred is a culmination of his last 20 years of work, and seeks to find a balance between the slower pace of reggae and the upbeat tempo of house music. I ll describe the opening track with an example: Close your eyes, and imagine yourself strolling down the streets of Manhattan. Actually, don t close your eyes just continue reading. As you re strolling down the street with your sunglasses on, a background soundtrack is playing all around you. There are voices that shout out every once in a while, signifying the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a typical neighborhood. Basically, that is what Tomorrow sounds like, and the experience the album overall provides. Stinger can really get your foot tapping, as the track accelerates and maintains a tempo that is instilled by the persistent clapping spread throughout the song s entirety. The introduction of vocals in Heart Seed serves to flesh out One Hundred further, and Leah Alvarez should be lauded for her killer execution. Marksonthekeys is my personal favorite, as it features a truly delightful combination of the guitar and korg. One Hundred is a solid effort, and is distinctly different from pretty much everything out in the mainstream market. It introduces you to a soulful style of music that isn t necessarily as commonplace as perhaps it should be. Some of the songs aren t as spectacular as the others, but that doesn t take away from the sublimity of One Hundred. --Jakub Lipczyk, The Aquarian Weekly

..Downtempo masterpiece. Music to chill, sun, slack... --J Boogie, Om Records

Open your ears wide! Lovingly put together with a whole lot of samples, Korg, Wurlitzer & Rhodes keyboards as well as plenty of live instrumentation and singing from more than a half dozen Houston artists, One Hundred is the culmination of years of work for Houston beatmaker/DJ/producer DJ Sun. --Brooklyn Radio, Jan 30th, 2013

"The project brings together 20 years of work, fusing electronic sounds with live instrumentation and a healthy dose of Houston vocalists... Learn more about this seasoned artist and his melange of sound..." - Giant Step, Jan 29th, 2013

"The sonic structures reflect a global fusion of sorts that are great for the dance hall or bedroom. The deep sounds and sketchy scratches are somewhat reminiscent of Royskopp. This music is richly-textured from global wanderings and unique, down-tempo lounge sounds. Anyone with an interest in electronic music, groove music, down-tempo, hip-hop instrumentals, and soul-funk will love DJ Sun." - Matthew Forss, Inside World Music, Feb 1, 2013

Track Listing

  • Tomorrow3.57 
  • Bus4.03 
  • Break4.10 
  • Sensation3.40 
  • Stinger3.42 
  • Heart Seed feat. Leah Alvarez3.08 
  • One3.42 
  • Ten feat. Jessica Zweback6.23 
  • Interlude - Magical1.43 
  • Monday Drive3.45 
  • F Train to Church3.25 
  • Brown Brother feat. Tim Ruiz3.42 
  • Seconds4.30 
  • Marksonthekeys feat. Mark Sound4.45 
  • Break Remix feat. Meghan Hendley4.52 
  • Fun4.11 
  • Dubai3.37 
  • Life3.57 

Total running time: 71:12

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