The Shocking Miss Emerald
  • Genre:Lounge
  • Released:06/05/2013
  • Label:Grandmono Records
  • Price:$39.95
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The Shocking Miss Emerald

Caro Emerald

The Shocking Miss Emerald is the second studio album from Dutch singing sensation Caro Emerald. The album promises more of the same jazzy pop songs that defined her smash hit debut Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor, inspired in part by the cinema and music of the 1940s and 50s.

In May 2007 Caro Emerald got a phone call from Dutch producers Jan van Wieringen and David Schreurs. They'd written a song with Canadian songwriter Vincent Degiorgio. Their demo singer wasn't available, and that's why Caro got the opportunity to record the demo for 'Back It Up'. A year later, Caro performed the song on a local TV station. It caught fire right away: viewers just wouldn't stop calling, e-mailing and commenting about that lovely girl with her catchy song. A low-budget video on YouTube created a similar effect. Suddenly, viewers wanted to know where they could buy the song. But, with only one song on the repertoire David, Vince, Jan and Caro started working on an album first. Inspired by films and music from the 40's and 50's, the result was an exciting, hugely accessible collection of 12 original songs. The album features ballroom jazz, cinematic tangos, groovin' jazz tracks and infectious mambos that sound like they were recorded in the golden age in Hollywood's most celebrated recording studios. But the smoking beats, catchy songs and inventive production mark Caro out as a present-day phenomenon. Now Caro returns with her second stidio album which looks to follow the success of the first.  

Dutch Import Cd

Track Listing

  • Miss Emerald: Intro 0.41 
  • One Day 4.33 
  • Coming Back As A Man 3.35 
  • Tangled Up 3.16 
  • Completely2.30 
  • Black Valentine 5.03 
  • Pack Up The Louie 3.34 
  • I Belong To You 3.28 
  • The Maestro 2.38 
  • Liquid Lunch 3.59 
  • Excuse My French 3.53 
  • Paris 4.48 
  • My 2 Cents 3.45 
  • The Wonderful In You 3.09 

Total running time: 48:52

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