Land Of 1000 Chances
  • Genre:Beats
  • Released:12/02/2013
  • Label:Piecelock 70
  • Price:$29.95
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Land Of 1000 Chances

DJ Day

"The new album by legendary palm springs dj"

DJ Day's second album finds him at his most experimental & ambitious, accompanied by Kat Ouano (Crown City Rockers), Ken Belcher & a host of other top players. It transcends the beatmaker genre to become an honest & personal instrumental album.

"It's beautiful and thoughtful and spiritual and it's an aural window into the soul of this dude" - Cosmo Baker (The Rub)

"A sincerity that bares itself in every beat and live instrument throughout this masterwork" - Jeremy Sole (89.9 KCRW LA)

 DJ Day just dropped the official video for the title track to his sublime album ‘Land of 1000 Chances’. The album’s a must hear for any lovers of beats, soul, funk or just plain ol’ good music. - Gilles Peterson

Track Listing

  • VQ3.36 
  • Chinaski's Theme3.02 
  • Mama Shelter4.30 
  • Quaalude0.52 
  • Daddy's Home2.24 
  • FML0.51 
  • Boots in the Pool3.04 
  • Ode to a Fiend1.38 
  • Land of 1000 Chances4.54 
  • Adu2.01 
  • Partir4.49 
  • Sushi in Fresno2.05 
  • Hopefully2.14 
  • Green Fin5.07 
  • W-E-L-O-V-E1.50 

Total running time: 42:57

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