City Beach Club 8: Mixed by PING
  • Genre:Chillout
  • Released:21/06/2013
  • Label:Redcliffe Records
  • Price:$29.95
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City Beach Club 8: Mixed by PING

Various Artists

If the sides of the busy urban life beat too much on's mind, there is only the escape to a beautiful place. DJ PING creates it with its new City Beach Club 8 again to leave this place also arise in the living room - away from all the stress. Now the eighth edition of its successful chillout compilation plays directly into the heart. For "" Vicious Games "" by Babak Shayan & Pino Shamlou, which offer a successful entry includes Laid Backs version of "" Sunshine Reggae "" directly to the old days of carefree relaxation. Furthermore, our artists as Rosa Lux, Mika Olson or Miguel Campbell accompany our journey. The soft beats give us a rhythm that announces the summer and the sun homage - to the warm-up and cool-down, an all-rounder in all walks of life. Only the good mood is certain.

Track Listing

  • Vicous Games (Venus Reprise Mix) - Dj Ping, Babak Shayan & Pino Shambou2.37 
  • Sunshine Reggae (Peter Visti's Polaris Remix) - Dj Ping / Laid Back 6.50 
  • Down Town - Dj Ping / Doomwork 3.08 
  • 2 Come Back - Dj Ping / Climbers 6.07 
  • Ven Igen (Hankat Remix) - Dj Ping / Rosa Lux6.08 
  • Illusion - Dj Ping / Mika Olson5.09 
  • Strange - Dj Ping / Adana Twins 6.24 
  • We Are Child Of Love (The Mekanism Remix) - Dj Ping / Mario Basanov 5.52 
  • Flight School - Dj Ping / Miguel Campbell3.13 
  • Chase The Sun - Dj Ping / H2 4.45 
  • What You Want - Dj Ping / Rami Ali feat. Dee Scott6.36 
  • Leopard (Boy Next Door Remix) - Dj Ping / Edu Imbernon & Los Suruba6.40 
  • Space Invader (Nhan Solo Brings You To Alderaan Remix) - Dj Ping / Betoko5.18 

Total running time: 68:47

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