Recto Verso
  • Genre:World
  • Released:13/05/2013
  • Label:Sony Music
  • Price:$34.95
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Recto Verso


Recto Verso is a colorful album with multifacets, reflected by the album's cover. Those different colors represent all the emotions of Zaz, portrayed in fourteen tracks. This album is extremely federative, more than the first one: the artist deals with strong topics, such as consumerism, conscientiousness in a rudderless world.


If many artists worked on this album, the most important participation is the one of Jean-Jacques Goldman. The famous French songwriter composed the track "Si", evocating a dream about a better world after a rough winter, as a new spring...

It is an efficient album, where people will find the main elements which enable them to discover Zaz and her repertoire, between modernity and French musical tradition.


Track Listing

  • On Ira 3.00 
  • Comme Ci, Comme Ca 2.45 
  • Gamine 3.10 
  • T'attends Quoi 3.21 
  • La lessive 2.18 
  • J'ai Tant Escamote 3.44 
  • Deterre 2.42 
  • Toujours 3.11 
  • Si je perds 3.04 
  • Si2.37 
  • Oublie Loulou 2.41 
  • Cette journee 2.53 
  • Nous debout 3.13 
  • La Lune 2.41 

Total running time: 41:20

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