Babylon Bar Part 04: Mixed by Gulbahar Kultur
  • Genre:World
  • Released:28/06/2013
  • Label:Clubstar
  • Price:$39.95
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Babylon Bar Part 04: Mixed by Gulbahar Kultur

Various Artists

Babylon, the ancient land of multiplicity watered by waters of the river Euphrates, is the inspiration as a fertile ground famous for lively coexistence of different cultures and languages for expressions in music featured by Babylon Bar album series. DJ Gülbahar Kultur, one of the most prolific in no-boundaries music, releases her latest double CD album of the series with Lola's World Records label: Babylon Bar Vol. IV


Great material of artists and groups from all over the world come together for a top notch compilation album of World Music, Lounge and Chill-out: duduk player and musician Vardan Grigoryan from Armenia; Turkish singer, poet and author Umay Umay; PrOmid from Tehran; Electronic dance and Chill-out music composer/producer Ujjayi Soundsystem from the United States; Riffat Sultana, an artist of Indian and Pakistani origin who was a pioneer in music as the first woman to sing in public in her country; Armenian composer, vocalist, oud player and producer Haig Yazdjian, singer and songwriter Napinder Gill from Punjab - India; Greek Cypriot composer, lyricist, singer and orchestrator Alkinoos Ioannidis; Iranian musician and singer of jazz and blues based in New York City, Rana Farhan; singer and composer from Baku-Azerbaijan, Seyran Ismayilkhanov; Macedonian ethno-rock jazz fusion guitar player Vlatko Stefanovski and Shezar, the collective made up of musicians of different countries like Syria, Norway and France are some of the names from the first CD called Balance.

Setting out with songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Ane Brun's purely beautiful song To Let Myself Go, Happiness is the name of second CD which includes outstanding performances of names and collectives like Las Migas, whose music stands at the crossroad of the most heterodox sounds with roots in Flamenco, echoing Gypsy, Latin and most of all, the Mediterranean; Mich Gerber, the one-man acoustic 'bass orchestra'; poet, producer, songwriter and a great voice Bajka; Ndidi O whose style is classified as Jazz and Blues, combining several musical genres including Surf-music, Electric blues, Gospel and Country; Lara Bello, a gifted Spanish musician from Granada based in NY; Theodor Bastard, the Russian band from St Petersburg who plays experimental music incorporating elements of Trip-hop, Neofolk, Ambient and Darkwave; Mari Boine, Norwegian Sami musician known for having added Jazz and Rock to the Yoiks of her native people; Sambasunda Quintet, from Indonesia who mix western and local themes; Dawda Jobarteh the creator of an intense contemporary vision from the ancient musical tradition of Gambia; Indian sarangi  player and Classical vocalist Sultan Khan; Iraqi musician Aida Nadeem and

Turkey based Ethno, Electronic music project Yekpare. The unique and eclectic sound of Happiness embraces many more talents with amazing performances.

Generosity is the correct term to define Babylon Bar Vol. IV, full of good stuff for all sorts of moods... Enjoy!

Track Listing

  • Vardan Grigoryan - My Heart Broke Through6.14 
  • Umay Umay - Alooog4.11 
  • PrOmid - Far Away4.42 
  • Ujjayi Soundsystem feat. Riffat Sultana - Passion (Original)4.34 
  • Haig Yazdjian - I Erimos4.22 
  • Napinder Gill - Aundi Nai Awaaz5.01 
  • Nemas Project feat. Ali Cem Cehreli & Burak Aziz - Ora Cni Sai4.32 
  • Alkinoos Ioannidis - Apogevma Sto Dentro3.37 
  • Rana Farhan - Maste E Esgh (Drunk With Love)4.08 
  • Sevinc Eratalay - Soz Verseydin5.33 
  • Loga Ramin Torkian - Garden of the Beloved (Golzare Ashegh)4.39 
  • Francois Couture - Yahndawa4.13 
  • Niyaz - Parishaan3.55 
  • Seyran Ismayilkhanov - Bahar Sensiz4.17 
  • Vlatko Stefanovski - Gipsy Song4.37 
  • Shezar - Ibhar5.21 
  • Ane Brun - To Let Myself Go3.18 
  • Las Migas - Con Toda Palabra3.15 
  • Dagadana - Tango6.22 
  • Mich Gerber feat. Bajka - By Your Side3.59 
  • Ndidi O - The Whisper3.39 
  • Lara Bello - Nana De Chocolate Y Leche5.28 
  • Mehtap Demir - Hasret Cektim4.29 
  • Ana Alcaide - El pozo amargo5.21 
  • The Black Seeds - Dust and Dirt (Original)4.42 
  • Theodor Bastard - Intifadah5.12 
  • Mari Boine - Gula Gula3.43 
  • Sambasunda Quintet - Bulan Sapasi7.36 
  • Dawda Jobarteh - Nkanakele5.33 
  • Sultan Khan - Caravan (Karava)5.09 
  • Aida Nadeem - Hanin3.45 
  • Yekpare - Udon6.08 

Total running time: 151:35

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