Keep Calm and Head To Paris
  • Genre:Chillout
  • Released:01/03/2013
  • Label:Music Brokers Argentina
  • Price:$27.95
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Keep Calm and Head To Paris

Various Artists

The Keep Calm series presents an exquisitely modern double album with remastered sound and an exquisite selection of songs. In tune with the vibration of the moment where, between so many daily stressors it is absolutely necessary that we find a peaceful pause, the Keep Calm series brings the best of each genre, with a selection of special songs for relaxation.

Keep Calm and Head to Paris is an oasis of peace that immediately transports us to the capital of France, with its always cozy cafes and evocative streets. In Keep Calm And Head to Paris we hear iconic songs such as Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus, La Vie En Rose, Emanuelle, La Poupee Que Fait Non and Joe Le Taxi, among many others, as well as a list of dazzling performers: Francoise Hardy, Brigitte Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg, Boris Vian, Sacha Distel, Charles Aznavour, Gilbert Becaud and a long list of others.
Keep Calm and Head to Paris is an essential album to have in your club.

Track Listing

  • J´suis Snob - Boris Vian 2.50 
  • Emanuelle - Pierre Bachelet 3.10 
  • Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour - Francoise Hardy 1.52 
  • Mr.Sun - Brigitte Bardot 3.16 
  • La Vie En Rose - Yves Montand 3.16 
  • Adieu Creature - Serge Gainsbourg 2.09 
  • Le Loup, La Biche Et Le Chevalier - Henri Salvador 2.25 
  • Emporte Moi - Alain Barriere 4.15 
  • La Poupee Que Fait Non - Michel Polnareff 3.12 
  • Maladie D´amour - Sacha Distel 1.48 
  • Chanson Pur L´auvergnat - Juliette Greco 3.24 
  • Plus Beau Que Tes Yeux - Charles Aznavour 3.02 
  • Pauvre Rutebeuf - Leo Ferre 3.23 
  • Un Monde Fait Pur Nous - Herve Vilard 2.27 
  • Joe Le Taxi - Clarisse Sauvat 3.55 
  • Les Sucettes - France Gall 2.32 
  • Le Dernier Slow - Jean Paul Aubert 3.39 
  • Celine - Hugues Aufray 3.07 
  • Le Coeur Grenadine - Herve Milteau 4.55 
  • Les Play-boys - Jacques Dutronc 3.08 
  • Chaque Instant De Chaque Jour - Sheila 2.22 
  • Je T´aime Moi Non Plus - Gerard Benoit & Michelle Reux 4.07 
  • Monsieur Harrison - Charlotte Leslie 2.51 
  • Et Maintenant - Gilbert Becaud 3.38 
  • Sea, Sex And Sun - Lucien Croisette 3.35 
  • Il Venait D´avoir 18 Ans - Dalida 3.10 
  • Cigarettes, Whisky Et Petites Pepees - Annie Cordy 3.18 
  • Milord - Edith Piaf 4.32 

Total running time: 89:18

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