Liquid Spirit
  • Genre:Jazz
  • Released:09/09/2013
  • Label:Blue Note
  • Price:$30.95
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Liquid Spirit

Gregory Porter

Porter's Liquid Spirit, however, is absolutely a jazz record-a record of gorgeous, propulsive, lyrical story-songs that allow his soulful voice to ricochet from Joe Williams to Stevie Wonder, from Kurt Elling to Donnie Hathaway. This is the kind of jazz that grabs snatches of gospel, blues, and soul with fluid skill. But the freedoms that Porter takes with time, his combination of supreme vocal control and masterful tonal variety, his willingness to sing with an aching vulnerability-those things make it jazz. Well, that and a killer acoustic rhythm section and a hip pair of saxophonists that spice up several tunes. The good kind of jazz. The kind that moves you.

This recording is such an easy pleasure. It goes down smooth, but that may simply be slight-of-hand. This kind of talent is rare. Porter's songs are sturdily built to last. His melodies don't sound like copies of other classics-so they just might be classics. And when Porter does something you already know (like, dig the closer, a lovely and original treatment of "I Fall in Love Too Easily"), he makes it stunningly his own.

Gregory Porter is now flat-out in the jazz spotlight. Where he deserves to be. What that means, commercially, in 2013 may be limited. But now that he is recording for the art form's marquis label, Porter has the chance to change the art, to enrich the audience, to sing from a higher mountaintop.

Liquid Spirit marks Gregory Porter's Blue Note Records debut, which arrives on the heels of two critically acclaimed indie label albums that quickly propelled Porter to the upper echelon of contemporary male jazz singers and earned him two GRAMMY nominations. Don Was, President of Blue Note, encouraged Porter to stay true to his artistic vision. "I firmly consider myself a jazz singer but I enjoy blues, southern soul, and gospel," Porter says, "Those elements make their way inside my music. And I've always heard them in jazz."

Liquid Spirit is a beautiful extension of that clarion cry.

The best new jazz singer around makes his Blue Note debut. 

Track Listing

  • No Love Dying3.55 
  • Liquid Spirit3.35 
  • Lonesome Lover3.09 
  • Water Under Bridges3.31 
  • Hey Laura3.19 
  • Musical Genocide3.42 
  • Wolfcry4.08 
  • Free4.58 
  • Brown Grass4.16 
  • Wind Song3.23 
  • The "In" Crowd3.35 
  • Movin'4.47 
  • When Love Was King6.52 
  • I Fall In Love Too Easily7.47 

Total running time: 60:57

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