Balance 024 Mixed By Danny Howells
  • Genre:Dance
  • Released:25/11/2013
  • Label:Balance
  • Price:$37.95
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Balance 024 Mixed By Danny Howells

Various Artists

Howells wears his heart on his musical sleeve at all times, favouring a sense of emotion and drama as his modus operandi rather than sticking to a certain genre or style. That Mix (CD1) begins by harking back to the ethereal sounds of the legendary Northern Exposure compilations with Desolate's haunting remix of rising talent Essay, a variety of broken beats seguing across these first tracks. Jamie xx s dusty rhythms skip towards some vintage sounding super deep tech house, again taking us back to Howells early years in the spotlight. Will Saul & October's brooding techno locks horns with Michael Mayer's euphoric class, The Mole's loose funk luring us towards Joakim's gently uplifting chimes and KiNK s glorious rework of Jimpster. Sisterhood s arpeggios glisten and Matthias Voigt adds drama to Ian Pooley s juicy groove before these sorrowful strains give way to the joyous tones of Oxia and AWOL. As the mix threatens to go bigger still, we re reined in with a hypnotic slice of Axel Boman to bring the mix to rest.

This Mix (CD2) begins with the Balearic tingle of Maricopa, a theme continuing into the fist-pumping pianos of Shur-I-Kan and the lazy nu disco funk of Deep Sound Express tackling Sixth Avenue Express. Seva K and Durerstuben continue the mesmerising combination of delectable bass and heavenly melody, the grooves toughening up as the pulsing melody of Chopstick & Johnjon provides a moment of intense beauty. Daze Maxim s remix of Le Loup takes things darker and trippier, Rompante raising the intensity with tough incessant snare patterns and pounding kicks next. Ewan Pearson takes the mix to a giddy peak with his expansive re-rub of Kaltehand & Natasha Waters, a double helping of Prins Thomas keeping the melodic intensity burning. Jagwar Ma's acid trip throwback soars towards the end of the mix, leaving it to Sandrien to reach climax with an impeccable 303 vs 808-style jam.

Track Listing

  • Find You (Desolate's Get Together Mix) - Essay 6.41 
  • Lion (Jamie XX Remix) - Four Tet 4.08 
  • Song of Love Overdue - Lady Blacktronika 3.28 
  • Smokin' G - Ivano Tetelepta 5.00 
  • Mantasy (Will Saul & October Mix) - Michael Mayer 4.55 
  • Our Time Has Come - The Mole 3.01 
  • A Daily Affair - The Mole 4.32 
  • Another Light - Joakim 5.48 
  • Porchlight and Rocking Chairs (KiNK Remix) - Jimpster 4.59 
  • Call Me Ishmael - Sisterhood 5.46 
  • Mood Swings (Simon Garcia Remix) - Robot Needs Oil 4.11 
  • I Got You (Matthias Vogt Remix) - Ian Pooley 4.56 
  • Its Over (Oxia Remix) - Nicco 4.43 
  • The Ramp - A.W.O.L. 4.42 
  • Red Dilemma (Brooks Mosher Spirit Box Remix) - Alland Byallo 4.33 
  • Look What You've Done to Me - Axel Boman 5.33 
  • Neon Shoals - Maricopa 6.09 
  • Ekul (Soul Renegades Remix) - Campion 5.37 
  • One Ten - Shur-I-Kan 2.16 
  • Can't Stop Feelin' (Deep Sound Express Dub) - Sixth Avenue Express 4.54 
  • Falling (Original Mix) - Seva K 4.16 
  • Haeckls Kosmos - Durerstuben 6.03 
  • Roots (Feats. Signaljacker) (Original Instrumental Mix) - Chopstick & Johnjon 4.04 
  • Brotherland (Daze Maxim's Remix) - Le Loup 4.40 
  • Save Me from This Kaos - Rompante 5.51 
  • Pages (Ewan Pearson Remix) - Kaltehand/Natasha Waters6.43 
  • Yev (Prins Thomas Diskomiks Remix) - Crimea X 4.56 
  • Dream Is Gone (Prins Thomas Diskomiks Remix) - Crimea X 4.11 
  • Four - Jagwar Ma 6.13 
  • Haters - Sandrien 7.46 

Total running time: 150:35

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