Ku De Ta Volume 5 Bali Indonesia: Mixed By Jim Breese & BTK
  • Genre:Dance
  • Released:06/01/2014
  • Label:Boudoir Musique
  • Price:$42.95
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Ku De Ta Volume 5 Bali Indonesia: Mixed By Jim Breese & BTK

Various Artists

KU DE TA Bali's rhythmic heart and soul.

An aural representation of the elegant, exotic, emotional musical trip experienced at the sublime venue during a typically long and winding Balinese day.

The seamless, sundrenched sounds are timeless, yet contemporary, forward-thinking, yet reverential - an organic blend of the live and the electronic, diffident styles crafted into one great loved-up musical bohemia.

Encompassing everything from chic-Asiatic-chill, to Balearic nu-disco, ultimately crafted into an accurate reflection of KU DE TA's rhythmic heart and soul.

Introducing Vol. 5 in this fabulous series, available exclusively at Ku De Ta Bali and The Mighty Music Machine!

Track Listing

  • Fifteen (Rotkraft Remix) feat. Chela - Goldroom5.30 
  • Give You Up (Darius Remix) feat. Klp - Crayon5.25 
  • Boutade - Mugwump6.48 
  • This Way - James Welsh6.32 
  • Make U Crazy (Satin Jackets Remix) - Prunk7.58 
  • Claire de Lune (Crazy P Remix) feat. Christine Hoberg - Flight Facilities6.58 
  • From The Inside - Chasing Kurt5.19 
  • I'm Tired (Pete Herbert Remix) - Sleazy McQueen 6.47 
  • Hold You (Going Deeper Remix) - Kant7.45 
  • Never Enough (Ricky Mattioli 80's Blend Remix) feat. Roisin Murphy - Boris Dlugosch7.39 
  • Playground (Mario Basanov Vocal Remake) feat. Phil Fill - Motorcitysoul5.59 
  • Spend Time Well - Calippo5.44 
  • Feeling - Going Deeper & Newbie Nerdz7.02 
  • Junebug (Vocal Mix) - Vincenzo & Minako6.00 
  • It's Not Over - Labtracks5.47 
  • We Could Be Dancing (Radio Edit) - Dato3.20 

Total running time: 100:33

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