Buddhattitude: Himalaya - Buddha-Bar Spa Collection
  • Genre:New Age
  • Released:28/10/2013
  • Label:George V
  • Price:$44.95
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Buddhattitude: Himalaya - Buddha-Bar Spa Collection

Professor Oz

Experience The Buddhattitude with innovative music collection, specially designed for your relaxing moments.

"Himalaya" with 15 original titles, opens the doors to the rich and colourful world of Buddattitude Spa.  Enjoy...

Import from France

Track Listing

  • High Limit Spiritual5.33 
  • Buddha's Dream4.48 
  • Emphiger3.54 
  • Tibetology7.29 
  • Monkwalk5.38 
  • Lhoba's Banquet4.17 
  • Bansuri's Sunset4.36 
  • Dolak Dance5.47 
  • Lhassa 3606.02 
  • Seven Peaks4.12 
  • Ganesha's Day5.42 
  • Dreamalaya5.02 
  • The Quest4.11 
  • Eternal Snow4.20 
  • Overcloud4.56 

Total running time: 76:27

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