The Cuban Tapes
  • Genre:Jazz
  • Released:01/11/2013
  • Label:Buyu Records
  • Price:$39.95
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The Cuban Tapes

Bahama Soul Club

One might page-long , laudatory eulogies write about the many cultural influences and manifestations of this album - from the aforementioned movie template for the selection of musicians from different jazz generations , from Cuba, Germany and where else but the beauty is . All you can hear that this " Cuban Tapes " grooving not in their extremely loose and light transmittance to . Genial understatement for sofa , bar and club . " ( Germany Kultur, Martin Risel )

" Oops, what's that Caribbean rhythms from Lower Saxony Without the Brunswickers now to offend : ? , This information had to first be digested But after I had overcome all the prejudices and the head was defeated by the gut feeling , the fun began ! : " the Cuban Tapes" can be colored in gray , dreary days. shift from song to song , the corner of the mouth upwards. lovely! " ( Germany Kultur, Martin Bottcher)

" CD of the Week " (WDR 5, multicult FM, FreeFM Ulm, Groove FM) ( Germany Kultur )

Track Listing

  • Ay Jona4.52 
  • Tiki Suite Pt. 1 - Cuban Casbah2.04 
  • Moaners feat. Bessie Smith4.15 
  • Cooka Racca feat. Telmary3.31 
  • Cuervo Gold4.11 
  • I Warned You Baby feat. Spanky Wilson3.26 
  • La Serenata4.12 
  • Tiki Suite Pt. 2 - Mirando Al Mar feat. Arema Arega4.28 
  • That's What We Need7.00 
  • Broken Piano1.32 
  • Grinning in Your Face feat. Ruthie Foster3.51 
  • Tiki Suite Pt. 3 - In the Night feat. Anna Luca3.27 
  • Soledad feat. Telmary3.27 
  • Malago feat. Danay Suarez3.33 
  • Tiki Suite Pt. 2 - Mirando Al Mar Feat. Arema Arega (Club Des Belugas Remix)4.31 
  • Moaners feat. Bessie Smith (Suonho Good Love Remix)4.08 
  • Ay Jona (Grant Lazlo Remix)3.34 

Total running time: 66:2

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