Bloody French
  • Genre:Dance
  • Released:04/04/2014
  • Label:SPP
  • Price:$39.95
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Bloody French

Stephane Pompougnac

STEPHANE POMPOUGNAC, funky designer Costes compilations and prince of lounge music to the French, a huge comeback in 2014 with his third album "Bloody French". At the crossroads of the sweet melancholy electro and tribal rhythms of the house, the artist sign a personal album, mature and modern, in which the audience will find him. These are the voyages, this insatiable taste for discovery, these thousands of hours of evening around the world who have forged the originality and eclecticism of the sound universe of Stephane Pompougnac. Designed to listen anywhere at any time, we appreciate this album in "before" as "after" car as at the beach, in short: without moderation. This is the great unifying DJ talent, including casual elegance invites everywhere ... Bloody French!


Stephane Pompougnac, better known as the master of lounge music a la francaise, is about to make his great comeback in early 2014 with the release of his highly anticipated third album ‘Bloody French'. Drawing influences from the slight melancholy of electro sounds and the tribal rhythms of house music, Pompougnac has created a unique sound for this LP, which signs the maturing of his personal style without betraying its origins.

As a DJ Stephane Pompougnac is peerless. Over a 25-year international career he has defined his high-class and elegant version of the French Touch. Lounge music was Pompougnac's brainchild! From DJing in Paris' most prestigious electro clubs, to inventing the Costes compilations and assembling sounds to create unique atmospheres in luxury hotels across the world, Pompougnac has barely stopped to take a breath.

When he's not touring, Pompougnac creates music for luxury brands like Gucci, Bulgari, Savelli and Caron, not to mention the much hyped and effortlessly classy W Hotels.


Track Listing

  • Reload (feat. Raphaelle Audin)3.47 
  • Cala Bassa4.25 
  • Open Space (feat. Audrey Prem Kumar)4.42 
  • My Girl (feat. Raphaelle Audin)3.55 
  • Stop Running (feat. Charles Schillings)4.20 
  • Desert Palm4.37 
  • Peace of Mind6.49 
  • Stupid Boy (feat. Melinda Som Phong)4.23 
  • Do You Love Her5.38 
  • Take Your Time (feat. Marie Herbaut)4.10 

Total running time: 46:46

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