Jazz and Floyd
  • Genre:Jazz
  • Released:29/11/2013
  • Label:Music Brokers Argentina
  • Price:$29.95
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Jazz and Floyd

Various Artists

We are pleased to present one of the most awaited albums of the year: Jazz and Floyd, the newest volume in the ongoing saga of outstanding jazz stylings synonymous with good taste and elegance.
Jazz and Floyd brings you the songs made famous by the creators of The Wall in new jazz versions, with all the sophistication of the New York jazz club scene.
The chance to give a twist to classics such as Another Brick in the Wall and Wish You Were Here excited the producers of this fantastic series and Jazz and Floyd, like its predecessors, will surely be a hit with listeners of all ages.

Track Listing

  • Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) (Stella Starlight Trio) 2.46 
  • Breathe (In The Air) (The Cooltrane Quartet feat. Lyle Hunter) 2.37 
  • Time (Michelle Simonal) 3.45 
  • Money (George White Group Feat. Elizabeth Sparks) 2.55 
  • Us And Them (Shirley Adamson) 3.51 
  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond (48th Collective) 2.43 
  • Wish You Were Here (Celso Mendes & Mayra Montero) 3.29 
  • Mother (Mandy Jones feat. Jackson Allstars) 3.58 
  • Learning To Fly (Jazzystics) 3.22 
  • On The Turning Away (Dinah York) 3.55 
  • See Emily Play (Les Crossaders) 2.39 
  • Run Like Hell (The Bryan J. White Trio) 2.37 

Total running time: 38:37

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