Viaggio Stellare
  • Genre:Jazz
  • Released:16/12/2013
  • Label:Schema
  • Price:$39.95
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Viaggio Stellare

Alessandro Scala Quartet

Italy is a hotbed of jazz. There's nothing new about that - the scene was thriving long before Chet Baker settled there in 1959 (and was busted for possession in 1960). And the latest manifestation of the impressive Italian affinity for the music is this robust CD by sax man Alessandro Scala and his usual quartet, supplemented here by Fabrizio Bosso on trumpet and flugelhorn and Roberto Rossi on trombone. The gifted Scala also wrote all the tunes on the disc, except one.

The title (translating as 'Stellar Travel') suggests we're in for a Sun Ra style cosmic excursion, but instead it's a hard bop outing with a strong vein of soul. Above all, though, the benign spectre of Coltrane presides over the recording. Coltrane at his most upbeat and accessible.

This joyful, endlessly listenable CD is released by the Italian label Schema, who until recently were best known to me for their fine reissue program of classic European jazz (often on vinyl). This is further evidence of their strength in also producing original music.  

Track Listing

  • Mood (feat. Fabrizio Bosso, Roberto Rossi)5.51 
  • Dexter Blues5.19 
  • Viaggio stellare5.06 
  • Isola del sole6.14 
  • Easy Song6.33 
  • Marcha para Oeste6.00 
  • Jazz Club5.15 
  • Lemon Funk5.44 
  • Sognare ad occhi aperti 6.16 
  • My Sound5.13 
  • Dexter Blues5.19 

Total running time: 62:50

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