Lay It Down: Mixed by DJ Schwa (Shades of Gray)
  • Genre:Beats
  • Released:28/06/2013
  • Label:Beef Records
  • Price:$28.95
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Lay It Down: Mixed by DJ Schwa (Shades of Gray)

Various Artists

Lay It Down lands right in time for the summer season. It's a perfectly crafted mix compilation for chilling at the beach and grooving to sophisticated downtempo beats. Lay It Down is a downtempo, chillout, broken beat compilation featuring The Timewriter, Shades Of Gray, Maddslinky, Matthias Vogt, Herb Lf, Jon Kennedy and more. Most songs used on the CD are written and produced by our friends, colleagues and musicians we worked with over the years. We are confident that for this project, which took us more then a year to fulfil, we have managed to scout some of the most interesting artists around. Within each song there is a special and personal connection. We hope you get the message! Kick back and enjoy.

Track Listing

  • Shades Of Gray - No Vacancy 2.25 
  • Herb Lf - Source 4.20 
  • Jon Kennedy - Inner Resting (Extended Edit) 4.06 
  • Manjane - I Rise 2.44 
  • Positive Flow - Positive Flow 5.31 
  • Lurob - A Day Away (feat. Francesca Palomo) 4.24 
  • Maddslinky - Further Away (feat. Tawiah) 4.50 
  • Sinan Kaya - I Don't Know 6.41 
  • Sarp Yilmaz - Simple Words 6.45 
  • Superloader - Good Piece 4.07 
  • Shades Of Gray - Never Alone 4.44 
  • Matthias Vogt - Half Stepping 5.37 
  • Matthias Vogt - Something Special (Eddie C Remix) 5.40 
  • The Timewriter - Motherland 4.10 
  • Soul Science - Dead Can Live (feat. Simon Skovajsa) 5.38 
  • Shades Of Gray - Illusions (Lurob Remix) 4.05 
  • Nick Arara & Felix Dacat - Lunar Breezer 5.48 
  • Jon Kennedy - Useless Wooden Toys (Erik Larsson Remix) 4.19 

Total running time: 85:54

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