Slo Light
  • Genre:Chillout
  • Released:24/03/2014
  • Label:The End Records
  • Price:$27.95
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Slo Light


Neil Davidge's name may not be familiar but he's been working behind the scenes with Massive Attack since their mid-90's turn toward the dark side with Mezzanine. The Bristolian has finally got round to making an album of his own. It's one which doesn't stray too far from the guest vocalist-plus-moody beats template set by his former collaborators. Cate Le Bon weaving surreal poetry through the electro pulse of Gallant Foxes and Sandi Shaw adding emotional lustre to Riot Pictures' string harmonies. What really fascinates is the way Davidge pulls the music strings throughout --Q Magazine, March 2014

Already a significant name within the music industry, Neil Davidge has previously collaborated with a host of stars such as David Bowie. Massive Attack, Snoop Dog and Primal Scream. His debut album Slo LIght reflects his ability to carefully edit sound to great effect. Full of electronica and orchestral echoes, Slo Light is a collection of songs built on suspense and varied levels of noise. Joined by Sandi Shaw, Cate Le Bon, Karima Francis, Low Roar and others, Davidge weaves together this unique sound with the strengths of others. Also known for composing the music for the Halo 4 game, Davidge has an intricate understanding of the soundtrack genre, which appears in the cinematic interjections he maintains throughout the entire album. This is an impressive and expansive album, one that continues to make him stand out as an influential talent in the music world --Aesthetica Magazine, March 2014

If you've been paying attention to British dance music for the past couple of decades you'll know that Davidge is Neil Davidge, sonic wizard and co-writer of Massive Attack, whose collaborative credits include David Bowie, Snoop Dogg and Primal Scream. This 10 track album (the 2 LP set has five bonus track / 2 discs) offers some stand out music especially the swirly Gallant Foxes featuring Cate Le Bon, the incandescently luminous That Fever featuring Claire Tchaikowski and the spooky trance dance groove of Riot Pictures featuring, I-kid-you-not, Sandi Shaw. In an era when audio quality is generally high this is an outstanding sonic experience with lush depths and pin sharp clarity! --Hi-Fi News Feb 2014

Track Listing

  • Slo Light 5.30 
  • Gallant Foxes 5.13 
  • How Was Your Day 6.38 
  • Home From Home 5.07 
  • They Won't Know 5.26 
  • That Fever 4.12 
  • Riot Pictures 4.48 
  • Zero One Zero 5.11 
  • Sleepwalking 5.50 
  • Anyone Laughing 7.00 
  • Sensor feat. Jhelisa Anderson6.11 
  • Discovering The Universe (That Fever Anhm Version)9.02 

Total running time: 70:8

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