Km5 Ibiza Volumen 14: Compiled by Sergi Ribas & Josch Genske
  • Genre:Dance
  • Released:13/06/2014
  • Label:Kontor
  • Price:$42.95
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Km5 Ibiza Volumen 14: Compiled by Sergi Ribas & Josch Genske

Various Artists

Balearic Islands. Ibiza. A paradisiacal garden with Moroccan tends, lounge-corners and a bar with a dancefloor- since decades the KM5, luxurious lounge bar and gourmet-restaurant, is a well-known hot-spot for all nighthawks of the island and already cult. It is located in the street leading from Ibiza Town to San José, right after the kilometer stone 5 on the left.

The former finca preserved its rustic Ibiza charme and got refined to a place with a unique and beautiful luxurious decoration where the rich, beautiful and famous people meet.

Of course a good club also needs the typical Balearic sound. Since twelve years the widely known compilation "KM5 Ibiza" gets released and mixed by KM5 resident DJ Sergi Ribas and Josch Genske!
This year this indispensable Ibiza-compilation will be released again in a valuable 2CD digipak. On this CD: Mr. Probz, Tapesh, Tom Novy, Claptone, Doorly, Maria Gadu, Oliver Koletzki, Mousse T and many more!

"KM5 Ibiza Volumen.14" - the official soundtrack for this Balearic hot spot in 2014!

Track Listing

  • Maria Gadu - Lounge  
  • Boozoo Bajou - Take It Slow (Mousse T.'s Easy Ride)  
  • Jay West, Manuel Sahagun - Got Me Insane (Original Mix) 
  • La Fleur - Feline (Original Mix)  
  • Nhan Solo - Perfect Plan (Original Mix) 
  • Dya - Only (feat. Maximilian Bischofberger) (Original Mix) 
  • Maast feat. Luna - Love Is Everywhere  
  • Karada, Pedro Mercado, Zoe Xenia - You Take Me There (Behind the Sun) (Rodriguez Jr. Alternative Remix)  
  • Satin Jackets feat. Klp - For Days (Original Mix)  
  • Kidnap Kid - Like You Used To  
  • Crackazat - Candle Coast  
  • Mr. Probz - Waves (Robin Schulz Remix) 
  • Outunder - Give Me Your Love (Original Mix)  
  • Replika - Whisperer  
  • Jakobin & Domino - Need A Dance (Original Mix)  
  • Steve Huerta - Smoky (Original mix)  
  • Tom Novy feat. Amadeas - Nothing Lasts Forever (Deep Club Mix) 
  • Doorly - I Want You To Dance (Original Mix)  
  • Mano Le Tough - Everything You've Done Before (Dixon Remix)  
  • Tapesh & Dayne S - How I Do (Original Mix) 
  • Oliver Koletzki - After All (Claptone Remix)  
  • Dajae - Don't You Want My Love (Sean McCabe Good Vibratons)  
  • Boghosian - Esta Vida  
  • Claptone - United (Original Mix)  
  • Weiss (UK) - If I Ever Dance (Original Mix)  
  • Benedetto & Farina feat. Simon Jinadu - The Change (Dinky Remix)  
  • Bluford Duck - Feel Your Body 
  • Full Intention - Icon (Original Mix)  
  • Milan Euringer vs. Tube & Berger - Lovebreak (In.deed Remix) 
  • Francesco Rossi feat. A&JS - Paper Aeroplane (Original Mix)  
  • Tapesh, Maximiljan - Virtues (Original)  
  • Andy Ash - Release and Check Part 1 (Original Mix)  
  • James Dexter - Air  
  • Shuja & Robert Heart  Octopus (H!GH FIVE Remix)  
  • Schwarz 100 - Toxic 
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