Mood Mode: The Best Of
  • Genre:Chillout
  • Released:13/11/2013
  • Label:La Maison La Rue
  • Price:$30.95
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Mood Mode: The Best Of

Monte La Rue

Mood Mode - The Best of Monte La Rue displays a brace of new and never before released tracks. Apart from the new single, Sleepwalking, the 17 track collection includes When I Look and In Your Arms, both on offer for the first time. Mood Mode's version of Meadow is a new remix, while Baby Come Down and Desert Island Night (originally released under the Faberge moniker) are presented in newly remixed versions. All tracks on Mood Mode are re-mastered for this occasion.

Track Listing

  • Sleepwalking - Monte La Rue4.09 
  • Baby Come Down (Monte's Midnight Mix) - Faberge4.40 
  • In the Mood - Monte La Rue4.15 
  • When I Look - Monte La Rue4.36 
  • Meadow (Taking You Time Mix) - Monte La Rue4.37 
  • Malibu Marina - Monte La Rue3.41 
  • For Your Pleasure (Remastered) - Monte La Rue3.25 
  • Butterfly Belly - Monte La Rue4.52 
  • Paris Minuit - Monte La Rue4.43 
  • Desert Island Night (Monte's Daydream Mix) - Faberge4.16 
  • Champagne Breakfast - Monte La Rue3.53 
  • Moon Over Flamingo Lodge - Monte La Rue4.18 
  • Gloom - Monte La Rue4.08 
  • Moonlite - Monte La Rue4.20 
  • Adeus (Live for the Ladies) - Monte La Rue4.18 
  • Turn Off the Lights - Monte La Rue4.12 
  • In Your Arms (Unplugged) - Monte La Rue 4:114.11 

Total running time: 72:34

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