The Island Of Dr Electrico
  • Genre:World
  • Released:28/07/2014
  • Label:Hope Street Sounds
  • Price:$27.95
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The Island Of Dr Electrico

The Bombay Royale

"The Island of Dr Electrico" is the second soundtrack album from The Bombay Royale, originators of vintage Bollywood inspired surf, spy, disco and funk. Building on the worldwide success of their debut album ‘'You Me Bullets Love", the band has unleashed its trademark sound and set off on an extraordinary musical safari that leaves the listener with booty thoroughly shaken. "The Island of Dr Electrico" is a varied musical landscape, at times lush and tropical, at other times an impenetrable swamp teeming with all manner of surprises. Migrating seabirds have long flown thousands of extra miles avoid Dr Electrico's blighted isle, leaving him alone to experiment with dark beats, primitive synthesizers and the raw emotion of kidnapped souls. The result is a rich pallet of original sounds, from lonesome spaghetti to surf rock to spine-bending space disco, all overlaid with the voices of protagonists The Tiger and The Mysterious Lady. From their unlikely beginnings in the suburban wilds of Melbourne, Australia, The Bombay Royale have taken their unique sound to audiences in Europe, UK and the USA where their performances have been met with astonishment and critical acclaim.

Track Listing

  • Ankhiyan3.12 
  • Wild Stallion Mountain3.38 
  • Khubsoorat Bewafa3.41 
  • Henna Henna2.43 
  • Tere Bina4.05 
  • Hooghly Night Patrol5.25 
  • (Give Me Back My) Bunty Bunty3.42 
  • Gyara 593.56 
  • The Bombay Twist3.02 
  • The Island of Dr Electrico4.30 
  • Falcon's Landing 1.55 
  • The River4.52 

Total running time: 44:41

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