• Genre:Funk
  • Released:07/03/2014
  • Label:Legere Recordings
  • Price:$44.95
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The New Mastersounds

The NINTH studio album, recorded atScanhope Sound - a beautiful studio near to Red Rocks, Colorado, in September 2013. Therapy features guest performances from vocalist Kim Dawson (The Motet) and sax player Ryan Zoidis (Lettuce).

There's quite the sonic spectrum on there: (spoiler alert!) Keb Dargey deep funk (Old Man Noises), Ramsey Lewis-esque souljazz (Morning Fly), old-school soul-pop (I Want You to Stay), classic Meters-y NMS (Monday Meters), some St Germaine-ish jazz house (When it Rains...), funky British silliness (Whistle Song, Slow Down), JB groove (Soul Sista), Doorsy mellow jazz (Detox), a protest tune (WWIII), and a contemporary pop song done in the style of a 1974 George Benson instrumental cover version (Bruno Mars's Treasure). Produced, as all previous NMS titles, by our guitarist Eddie Roberts.

Track Listing

  • Old Man Noises2.54 
  • Morning Fly4.07 
  • I Want You to Stay (feat. Kim Dawson)4.50 
  • Monday Meters2.27 
  • When it Rains...7.03 
  • Whistle Song3.26 
  • Soul Sista (feat. Kim Dawson)2.55 
  • Stop This Game5.44 
  • Slow Down (feat. Ryan Zoidis)3.59 
  • WWIII (and how to avoid it)4.07 
  • Detox4.42 
  • Treasure5.03 

Total running time: 51:17

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