• Genre:Dance
  • Released:11/07/2014
  • Label:XL Recordings
  • Price:$30.95
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The heart of JUNGLE is a duo known only as J and T. In his studio in Shepherd's Bush, away from all types of scenes and record labels, the two guys who have been friends since childhood, cobbled together hits like Platoon. Grandiose, self-produced videos with the Skate Crew High Rollaz or the stunning, 6-year-old Breakdancerin Terra JUNGLE brought not only an incredible number of views on Youtube, but also made ??people far away from the musical epicenter clear that this band is something special. Mysterious Press complete the intrigue that leaves open whether JUNGLE now consists of two or thirty members. There's no calculation behind Jungles irresistible, lebensfrohem for dance requesting sound.

A little P-Funk and Grand Auto Theft, a little Curtis Mayfield and Tron and a bit of The Beach Boys, Joy Division, Marvin Gay and Can, everything broken down into small bites and again for something completely assembled anew in all possible machendem London. The good memory of us may discover the influences of A Certain Ration or Chakks fragmented radio. But for most part of the ever growing and ecstatic fan base it is anyway not to history. It's about change from coated pop, inflated House and dull rock. It's about a return to the Groove! Shepherd's Bush gave them a musical identity before J and T even knew that they want to have a wild mix of Hip Hop, Rock, Electro, Soul and Reggae, which is associated with the cultural melting pot. Nevertheless JUNGLE decided to produce a unique sound. Epic, euphoric and sexy he should be. With Busy Earning they landed in Germany their first radio hit, their extremely danceable songs already been covered and used in TV broadcasts.

Track Listing

  • The Heat3.16 
  • Accelerate3.04 
  • Busy Earnin'3.01 
  • Platoon3.12 
  • Drops2.53 
  • Time3.33 
  • Smoking Pixels1.47 
  • Julia3.15 
  • Crumbler3.02 
  • Son Of A Gun3.28 
  • Lucky I Got What I Want4.16 
  • Lemonade Lake4.19 

Total running time: 39:6

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