Cappuccino Grand Cafe Lounge Vol. 8
  • Genre:Lounge
  • Released:22/09/2014
  • Label:Lovemonk
  • Price:$42.95
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Cappuccino Grand Cafe Lounge Vol. 8

Various Artists

Balearictaste-maker PepeLink brings a French touch to this long-awaited installment of the Cappuccino series. The language of love subtly infusesthecompilationwitha whimsical, romantic atmosphere, with each handpicked song bringing a new colour to the palette.

As always, the musical selection is a result of tireless searching. It brings together established artists and uncovers refreshing new acts for your listening pleasure. The soothing voices of artists like Alex Beaupain & Camelia Jordana, Jill Barber and Albin de la Simone transport you to a quaint Parisian cafe, where you Ìll discover their magical songs in an intimate setting. Newcomers Berry and Angus Stone share the stage with the likes of Pink Martini, Kings of Convenience and Carla Bruni to create a feeling of home, wherever you happen to be.

More info:

The Cappuccino Group is a company geared towards excellence. Its unique business concept has been winning the hearts of the public for over 20 years. They bring the calm and glamorous life of the Mediterranean island to their cafes, which can be found all around the world.

Track Listing

  • Lune - Carla Bruni3.06 
  • Avant La Haine - Alex Beaupain & Camelia Jordana3.15 
  • Hang on Little Tomato - Pink Martini3.12 
  • Voir du Pays - Berry1.48 
  • La Javanaise - Jill Barber3.11 
  • Je Cherche un Homme - Eartha Kitt2.47 
  • Petite Fleur - Jill Barber2.38 
  • Parle-moi - Albin de la Simone2.53 
  • The Wolf & The Butler - Angus Stone4.02 
  • Stay Out of Trouble - Kings of Convenience4.50 
  • Don't Let Me Down - Pernilla Anderson3.07 
  • I Love Penny Sue - Daniel May3.12 
  • Jazz Mediterranee - Henri Salvador3.16 
  • Strawberry Fields Forever - Karen Souza & Los Panchos3.57 
  • Via Con Me - Paolo Conte2.25 
  • Adoro - Mogambo Affair4.47 
  • Avec Le Temps - Album Version5.39 

Total running time: 58:5

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