The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra
  • Genre:Disco
  • Released:09/06/2014
  • Label:Far Out Recordings
  • Price:$44.95
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The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra

The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra

Far Out's 20th Anniversary Year! An album 5 years in the making! 'A super disco project to celebrate Far Out Recordings 20th year, recorded in Rio de Janeiro & finished in London available on as 2CD set Made with love by Far Out's Favourite artists including the late legend 'Maestro Jose Roberto Bertrami', 'Arthur Verocai', 'Alex Malheiros' & many of Rio's finest musicians & includes a full orchestra. Also featured are dazzling vocals from UK based Marcina Arnold & Mia Mendes. This has been recorded & mastered to give you the full disco experience & is the first album of an ongoing series.

The record was produced in the best studio in Rio de Janeiro, with all old equipments including 2" Ampex tape, Neve compressors, SSL desk and needless to say all the best delicate treatments to retain that analogue feel and sound along the way to this release. In 2012, Jose Roberto Bertrami, one of the main components of the band and indeed Far Out Recordings, friend, brother and mentor, sadly passed away. He will be severely missed. He has been a massive part of the black music heritage in Brazil having been the arranger of albums such as Jorge Ben's 'Africa Brazil', the first Candeia record, 'Raiz', Serginho Meriti, Carlos Dafe, Hildon and many, many more. Bringing to the table his love for the music of Philadelphia, we got into the studio with those sounds in mind to prepare the bases of the tracks. Once all the tracks were down, the recordings were prepared for the writers under the supervision of the maestros. All the vocals were recorded in the UK by Alex Mills aka Mia Mendes and jazz singer Marcina Arnold both chosen for there style and sound which would lend itself to the disco sound.

Taking in consideration the transatlantic logistics of recording, writing and mixing, this project has demanded a huge production effort, therefore it has taken a long time for this album to be put together and finally see the light of day. While waiting for the special moment for the release, we have had great remixers such as Theo Parrish, Mark Pritchard, the legend of disco John Morales and Luca Trevise among others, participating with re interpretations. When we finally reached 2014, it seemed like the perfect year and place to bring this record to the world, given it is our 20th anniversary and the whole world has its eyes set on the beautiful and musically prosperous South American giant, Brazil.

Track Listing

  • Mystery feat. Arthur Verocai4.31 
  • DonÂít Cha Know HeÂís Alright5.04 
  • Freefall5.18 
  • The Last Carnival7.18 
  • Keep Believing (Can You Feel It)5.26 
  • A Disco Supreme feat. Arthur Verocai4.09 
  • Deed Dance7.18 
  • Vendetta6.06 
  • Mystery (Instrumental)4.18 
  • DonÂít Cha Know HeÂís Alright (Instrumental)5.04 
  • Freefall (Instrumental)5.18 
  • Keep Believing (Can You Feel It) (Instrumental)5.29 
  • Deed Dance (LTJ Xperience Remix)8.48 
  • Keep Believing (Can You Feel It) (SS Translation By Theo Parrish)9.52 
  • DonÂít Cha Know HeÂís Alright (Mark E Remix)8.08 
  • Vendetta (Mark Pritchard Remix)10.33 
  • Mystery (M&M Main Mix By John Morales)7.32 
  • Freefall (Jose Carretas Remix)8.22 
  • Dead Dance (Mark E Remix)8.39 
  • Vendetta (Marcellus Pittman Remix)11.19 

Total running time: 138:32

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