Top Model Runway 7
  • Genre:Dance
  • Released:27/06/2014
  • Label:High Note Records
  • Price:$19.95
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Top Model Runway 7

Various Artists

Move to the pulse of fashion and musical trends with Move Top Model?Runway 7, light the runway with the most mesmerizing of notes from this 2CD collection. 
Start the fashion season with the soothingly cozy CD1 Runway / Pridetime and chill to the sweet Latino flavor of 4 To The Bar feat. Miriam Skroban's ‘I'm walking'; the blurry downtempo beats of Stefania Dipierro feat. Water's ‘Sunrise Surprise'; the trip hop luster of Verbal Kintfeat. Judie Jay's ‘Break My Dreams'; the reggae tempo of Leonie Meijer's ‘Message In A Bottle'; Deluxe's playful hip-hop number ‘Pony'; the fresh and vibrant rock in Finley Quaye's‘Shine'; feel the love weaved together by neo-soul melodies, including Beta Hector feat. Dionne Charles ‘Morning Train', The Avener's ‘Fade Out Lines', Harleighblu's ‘Let Me Be'. 
Next, transition to CD2 After Show / Private Party, a collection of joyful deep house and soulful house numbers mixed by DJ Kolette, with contributions from the likes of NY legend "Frankie Knuckles" , UK's Tech House guru "Yousef" , the queen of OM house "Colette", the west coast house wizard "Miguel Migs" , German duo "Kruse & Nuernberg" , and let these sexy charming beats ignite the flames of your heart.    

Track Listing

  • CD1 Runway / Pridetime Glamorous Lounge Grooves - 4 To The Bar feat. Miriam Skroban - I'm Walking3.41 
  • Stefania Dipierro feat. Water - Sunrise Surprise5.59 
  • Verbal Kint feat. Judie Jay - Break My Dreams4.13 
  • Leonie Meijer - Message In A Bottle5.12 
  • Do - Move Closer5.38 
  • Fakaer - Morning In Japan3.07 
  • Omega 3 - Daily Music4.32 
  • Harleighblu - Let Me Be3.54 
  • Beta Hector feat. Dionne Charles - Morning Train3.52 
  • The Avener - Fade Out Lines (Original Mix)4.37 
  • 4 To The Bar feat. Miriam Skroban - Sugar In Your Tea3.31 
  • Deluxe - Pony3.29 
  • Dojo Cuts feat. Roxie Ray - Easy To Come Home3.32 
  • Finley Quaye - Shine3.30 
  • Silvervince - Do The Chicken4.03 
  • CD2-After Show / Private Party House Party Time (Mixed By DJ Kolette) - MDCL feat. Lady Alma - Far Away (The Layabouts Vocal Remix)6.37 
  • Lancelot feat. Antony & Cleopatra - Givin' It Up (Panda Mix)4.30 
  • Kruse & Nuernberg vs. Teenage Mutants feat. Isis Salam - Love Ain't Free5.02 
  • MK feat. Alana - Always (Gerd Bonus Bounce)4.14 
  • Colette - Hotwire (Sonny Fodera Deep Dub)4.28 
  • Yousef feat. Charli Taft - I See (Crooked Si Man)6.36 
  • Corrado Rizza pres. Global Mind - In The Heat (Miguel Migs Deluxe Vocal)3.04 
  • Copyright feat. Jody Findley - Sacrifice4.06 
  • Miguel Migs feat. Aya - The Distance (Thor Poolside Nude Vocal Mix)3.50 
  • Husky feat. Louis Hale - Magical Ride (Husky's Rsr Sax Rub)4.37 
  • DJ Lora feat. Vula - Fresh Heartbreak3.52 
  • Michele Chiavarini - 1 World (Sean Mccabe Remix) 6.55 
  • Davide Svezza - You Give Love A Bad Name (Jl & Afterman Remix)3.39 
  • Tracy Hamlin - Got To Be Strong (Soulphonix Remix) 5.07 
  • Frankie Knuckles pres. Director's Cut Starring Inaya Day - Let's Stay Home (M&S Sure Shot Vox Mix)5.48 

Total running time: 135:15

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