Sweet Freaks
  • Genre:RNB
  • Released:03/11/2014
  • Label:earMUSIC
  • Price:$32.95
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Sweet Freaks

The Brand New Heavies

Pioneers of the London Acid Jazz scene, The Brand New Heavies are a British music institution whose unique mix of jazz, funk and soul has lit up the UK music scene for well over two decades. Over the years The Brand New Heavies have been responsible for some of the UK's biggest R&B/soul tracks, scoring 16 top 40 singles including ‘Dream On Dreamer' and ‘You've Got A Friend', as well as over two million album sales.Ever present founder members Jan Kincaid, Simon Bartholomew and Andrew Levy (on drums/keyboards, guitar and bass respectively) conceived the band in the London suburb of Ealing in 1985, and they became influential in creating what became known as the acid jazz scene of the early 90's.

Fast forward to 2014 and this fresh album, "Sweet Freaks"..."You‘re such a freak, you‘re making me weak. I‘m stuck to your beat and the love is crazy."The chorus of The Brand New Heavies' first single and album title song "Sweet Freeek" makes clear what the album is all about: irresistible melodies that get stuck to your head for days to come. The album doesn't lose any of the band's well-loved sound but spikes it up with fresh crispy grooves. In other words it's full of tunes which your head simply can't resist to bob along to.

New British vocalist, Dawn Joseph, now a permanent member of the gang, truly is a secret treasure and her seducingly soulful voice blends in perfectly with the band's arrangements. Simply put; it's the perfect music for sweaty club nights spend dancing on the table as well as the perfect choice for a sunny day at the beach. The band feels the same way: "We, The Brand New Heavies, are very excited to be releasing our new album with new singer Amazing Gift Dawn Joseph who appeared out of a dream. It‘s freeeky, but Sweet - We hope you love it." ....We sure do!

Track Listing

  • Sweet Freeek4.52 
  • Sledgehammer3.46 
  • In the Name of Love3.29 
  • Bring the Rain3.56 
  • '95 Tonight4.24 
  • Pleased to Meet Ya3.32 
  • Get On3.06 
  • We Live for the Summer4.13 
  • Self Portrait3.46 
  • You Are the Fire3.51 
  • Don't Let Go4.57 

Total running time: 43:52

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