Trip to Rio de Janeiro
  • Genre:Lounge
  • Released:29/09/2014
  • Label:Chin Chin
  • Price:$42.95
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Trip to Rio de Janeiro

Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra

After the great success of the last tour in Brazil ""Alemanha groove"", Bebo Best dedicates an album to the great country of samba and bossa nova, enriching the sound carioca with contamination nujazz, funk, and sixties, in that special mix that has led to the success of Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra. 

After the great success of ""Mambossa"", here's another winning goal, a special featuring the English crooner Iain Mackenzie, Brenda Boykin voted best singer of the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2005, of which Bebo has written and produced her latest album, with the special participation of James Taylor of the JTQ Quartet. 

Producer musician and composer of Italian descent therefore continues his brilliant career. His music has been called ""pure class"" by the B.B.C. in England. 

In this ""pure class"" he add exotic rhythms, sixties sounds, and the vintage flavour of the best Italian composers such as Morricone, Piccioni, and always the Master AC Jobim. 

Recorded in Spain, Brazil, England, Germany and Italy.    

Track Listing

  • Intro (Louis Chirillo Presents)0.30 
  • Spaghetti pizza e cavaquinho4.09 
  • Mambossa Hit (Feat. Iain Mackenzie)3.52 
  • Soccer Time (Koko Chanel Brazil Mix)4.34 
  • James Bond vs. Bebo Best4.27 
  • Gigabongo-Surf4.02 
  • Toca o Coracao4.10 
  • Surfin' the Perfect Wave4.00 
  • Catchin On the Waves (Feat. Brenda Boykin)3.59 
  • La Caleta4.05 
  • Maccaroni bossa4.00 
  • Je t'aime moi non plus3.41 
  • Bossamba Jazz3.56 
  • Looking Out the Sea4.06 
  • Da' Ya Think I'm Sexy (Koko Chanel Voce Asha Que Eu Sou Sexy Remix)3.55 
  • Mambossa Hit (Koko Chanel Electrotomorrow Remix) [Feat. Iain Mackenzie]4.06 
  • Tita Mocari (Koko Chanel Brasilafro Club Remix)3.35 
  • Soccer Time (Spaghetti Pizza e Cavaqinho Funk Mix)3.55 

Total running time: 69:2

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