Electro Swing VII: Mixed by Bart & Baker
  • Genre:Electro Swing
  • Released:13/10/2014
  • Label:Wagram
  • Price:$49.95
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Electro Swing VII: Mixed by Bart & Baker

Various Artists

Bart and Baker appear behind the decks as be-suited, topper-wearing gents from a previous era; the tunes they select though, whilst referring to an earlier musical heritage, have a vivid and current feel to them, and make for a vibrant package of electro-swing

Track Listing

  • The Electric Swing Circus - Bella Belle (The Noisy Freaks Remix)3.25 
  • The Soul Session - Soul Desire (Fab Samperi Remix)2.36 
  • Jamie Berry - Grandiose2.41 
  • Judie Jay - Gone (Ordiman Remix)2.39 
  • Paris Combo - Goodbye Pinocchio (Bart&Baker Remix)3.58 
  • Caro Emerald - Pack Up The Louie (Caravan Palace Remix)3.10 
  • Foxy Cheek - Lick The Spoon2.48 
  • Dr Cat & Dj Pony Feat. The Su'sis V Fisky - Pony Swing (The Real Tuesday Weld Remix)4.19 
  • Dimie Cat - Everybody Wants To Be A Cat4.19 
  • The Electronic Swing Orchestra - Mermaid (Powel Remix)6.14 
  • Be Svendsen - Let Them Not Weep5.50 
  • Good Co - Zebra Donkey (B&B Rework)4.06 
  • Brigantine Feat Giorgio - Pop The Bubbly2.02 
  • Kitten & The Hip - Don't Touch The Kitten (Skeewiff Remix)3.42 
  • The Swing Towers - Mr Saxo Phone (Club Edit)4.20 
  • Louis Armstrong - Cuban Pete (Pep's Show Boys & S.Ro & Russo Remix)3.32 
  • The Barry Sisters - Chiribim Chiribom (Extra Medium Remix)3.43 
  • Dj Dunya - Xyloswing3.54 
  • Grant Lazlo - This Time Warner3.35 
  • Tavo - Swing Dancing2.32 
  • Rosin Coven - Magpies (Gentlemen Callers Remix)3.00 
  • Tape Five - Gypsy VIP3.15 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Tape Five - Swing You Winners2.43 
  • Bart&Baker - Istanbul (Not Constantinople)3.24 
  • Bart&Baker present Pierre Santini & Lada Redstar - Allez Viens (Via Con Me)3.30 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Slim Gaillard - Communication (Kex Radio Edit)4.10 
  • Bart&Baker - Troublesome Trumpet (Murder On The Blue Notes) (KeX Edit)3.24 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Nicolle Rochelle - The Swing Phenomenon3.51 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Tommy Dollar - 16 Tons (Skeewiff Remix)4.27 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Lada Redstar - Zou Bisou Bisou (La Madrague Remix)3.02 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Philou - Baby Don't You Cry (Skeewiff Remix Instrumental)4.15 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Matthieu Boré & Staffan William Olsson - A Ticket To Copacabana4.00 
  • Bart&Baker present The Josephine Baker Allstars feat. Nicolle Rochelle - Ma Petite Tonkinoise (DJ Mibor Radio Edit)2.55 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Ashley Slater - Mr Hype4.55 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Nicolle Rochelle & Pete Thomas & the Horns-a-plenty - Big Band (Electro Swing English Radio Edit)2.58 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Catherine D'Lish - Dead Air (Rogan Remix)4.50 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Lamuzgueule - Badaboum (Electroswing Radio Edit)2.49 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Dimie Cat & Hailey Tuck - Supermarket (Aleksey Kraft Radio Edit)3.48 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Kitten & The Hip - Relax-Ay-Voo (Dubswing Remix)3.24 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Kitten On The Keys - Whoopee2.30 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Au P'tit Bonheur & Nicolle Rochelle - I Want The Sun (Je Veux Du Soleil)3.22 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Marcella Puppini - Stop Googling Me !3.49 
  • Bart&Baker feat. Nicolle Rochelle & Julien Brunetaud - Love 2.03.19 

Total running time: 155:5

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