• Genre:Pop
  • Released:06/10/2014
  • Label:Bubbles Records
  • Price:$34.95
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Erlend Oye

Erlend Oye is a skinny nerd, but maybe that's what makes him a pop star. His huge thick spectacle-lenses act as an interface between his inner life and his numerous collaborators and fans. Erlend Oye is a travelling singersongwriter, who has been making music in various constellations since the late nineties. He sang for Royksopp, while his own bands are Kings of Convenience and The Whitest Boy Alive, who recently split up. A laid back, everyday vibe runs through Erlend Oye's music. Erlend is not larger than life, at the most his songs may be. The pop star from next-door doesn't make any drama, but leaves that to life itself. His relaxed, laid back sound opens your eyes and ears for places, situations and encounters. A certain mournfulness runs through the songs, although they deal with a longing for self-fulfilment. Erlend sings of loneliness, and in doing so, he creates a 'we'. Until now Erlend's projects have often been based on simple concepts - two guitars and two vocals with Kings of Convenience, and four instruments with The Whitest Boy Alive. With his new solo album he frees himself of these parameters; for the first time everything is possible, for the first time Erlend Oye stands alone. The songs on 'Legao' were arranged and recorded with the Icelandic reggae band Hjálmar. The magic of 'Legao' lies in the fact that Erlend's vulnerable vocals and his sincere lyrics are supported by the elegance and consistency of the band. Today roughness is often used to counterbalance roughness, whereas on Legao a equilibrium is sought - and found. A simplicity, clarity and minimalism is created that is rarely found in pop music. Erlend Oye has grown up. He accomplishes nothing less than the step towards an independent, free-standing solo musician, who can perform in any constellation - with a band, orchestra or alone with a guitar. - Recorded at Hljodriti studio in Hafnafjordur, Reykjavik, Iceland, in 4 sessions between 2013 and 2014.

Track Listing

  • Fence Me In3.10 
  • Garota4.24 
  • Say Goodbye2.56 
  • Peng Pong3.09 
  • Bad Guy Now5.02 
  • Who Do You Report To2.46 
  • Whistler2.57 
  • Save Some Loving4.33 
  • Rainman4.59 
  • Lies Become Part of Who You Are4.04 

Total running time: 38:0

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