Super Discount 3
  • Genre:Dance
  • Released:19/01/2015
  • Label:Red UK
  • Price:$42.95
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Super Discount 3

Etienne de Crecy

Etienne De Crecy is a key player in the international electronic scene.
In twenty years a clear round, the French producer has recorded some of the greatest albums of the global electronic music: the genesis of the house in France with Motorbass (duet with PHILIPPE ZDAR) and Super Discount 1 locomotives French Touch then in its infancy, to the digital soul Tempovision, awarded a Victoire de la Musique, Super Discount 2 in its most radical techno, live Beats'n'Cubes right thing headlining in all rock festivals.

Then Super Discount 3 real connection between the first two volumes.
If synthesizers remain faithful in the first line to the energy of techno Super Discount 2, samples and production give a 'house' sound and funky which is the hallmark of the first volume.
This time he collaborated with singers rather than producers.
Appear on the album POS & DAVE (De La Soul), Baxter Dury, TOM BURKE (Citizens!) MADELINE FOLLIN (Cults) and Kilo Kish.
And also the staff always ALEX GOPHER and JULIEN DELFAUD who also accompanied on stage.

Track Listing

  • Night (Cut The Crap) - Etienne de Crecy  
  • You - Etienne de Crecy with Madeline Follin  
  • WTF - Etienne de Crecy with Pos & Dave  
  • Hashtag My Ass - Etienne de Crecy  
  • Smile - Etienne de Crecy with Alex Gopher  
  • Sunset - Etienne de Crecy with Tom Burke  
  • Amazing - Etienne de Crecy with Julien Delfaud  
  • Follow - Etienne de Crecy with Kilo Kish 
  • Love - Etienne de Crecy  
  • Family - Etienne de Crecy with Baxter Dury  
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